5 Terms to know about gamification in learning w/ Karl Kapp

Dr. Karl Kapp - Gamification in Learning
Gamification in Learning – Image copyright Karl Kapp

Gamification has been around as a term for a long time in the world of learning & development. But how does it concern you?

Gamification is increasingly important as technology starts to play an ever greater role in your classroom and how you design your training.

Today’s guest is Dr. Karl Kapp who is widely-recognized as one of the experts in the ’Gamification of Learning and Instruction’.

That’s actually the title of one several books on the subject written by Karl. 😃

In this week’s episode, Karl is going to define 5 key terms about that you need to know as a training & development professional.


Gamification of online learning

A lot of people mistakenly believe that playing games requires technology. It doesn’t.

To me, gamification is a set of design principles which we can apply in learning.

Sometimes you can use technology but sometimes gamification is simply how trainers design instruction so that that it’s more engaging.

For example, I use just PowerPoint for one of my presentations. Nothing else.

But it still uses gaming principles. Not because it’s using technology. But because the presentation itself is ‘gamified’.

Serious games don’t necessarily use technology either.

A simple example is ‘Lego Serious Play. Learners use building blocks to ‘play’ work scenarios and solve work-related challenges.

LISTEN BACK – Michael Fearne author of How to Engage People and Spark Insights Using the LEGO® Serious Play® tells you how you can learn to train your clients with gamification.

Gamification in learning

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What branching scenarios are
  • How serious games are used in learning
  • Where immersive learning is used
  • What ARG or augmented reality games are
  • Which tools you can use to gamify your training
  • Where virtual reality is used in learning & development

Some resources for you

Karl Kapp – Karl’s homepage
Enterprise Game Stack – Online digital card game tool
L&D Mentor – Karl’s Online expert community
LinkedIn Learning – Karl’s course on increasing learner engagement
The Gamification of Learning and Instruction – Karl’s book
Creating Tabletop Games – Using board games in training
Play to Learn – Designing Effective Learning Games

Check out the episode now!


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