A Client-Centric Approach For Success w/ Ivonne Kinser

A Client-Centric Approach For Success w/ Ivonne Kinser
A Client-Centric Approach For Success w/ Ivonne Kinser

How often do we focus solely on what our clients truly need? πŸ€”It’s a common pitfall for consultants and trainers who think they are staying safe by offering blanket service packages. But what if there’s a better way? A more client-centric approach?

Join me on this week’s episode of the Training Business podcast as I chat with Ivonne Kinser, a seasoned CEO and advisor, whose insights are bound to reshape your perspective on business strategy.

Ivonne is the Founder/CEO at Vantage Innovation Lab, a best-selling author, and a respected keynote speaker with a passion for helping organizations thrive.

:star2:Β Her journey is marked by a commitment to understanding client needs and crafting tailored solutions, making her a sought-after thought leader in her field.

      Tune in and you’ll learn the following, plus much more:

      • The Importance of being client-centric when offering consultancy services
      • The value of authenticity in standing out in a crowded market
      • Practical tips on how to pitch your services in a way that resonates with individual clients rather than creating blanket consultancy services.

      Ready to take your consulting business to new heights?

      Your authentic approach could be the game-changer your business needs.Β :star2:

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      Why waste a perfect opportunity to be unique?

      A Client-Centric Approach For Success w/ Ivonne Kinser
      A Client-Centric Approach For Success w/ Ivonne Kinser
      A Client-Centric Approach For Success w/ Ivonne Kinser – Copyright Ivonne Kinser

      Why prioritise a client-centric approach?

      Understanding and addressing client needs are paramount to success. According to Ivonne, “unless what we are selling or providing is of use to a client, we don’t have a business because no one’s going to buy from us.”

      A shift in mindset from product-centric to a client-centric approach is therefore vital to help you stand out in a vastly competitive market.

      It’s important to actively listen to clients and truly understand their pain points before proposing solutions.

      As Ivonne says, “the approach to pitching is not to go to your potential clients and say, ‘This is what we have.’ The right approach is first listening to them and asking them, ‘What is your biggest problem?'”

      Once you’ve done this you can customise solutions based on your individual client’s needs.

      “Once you listen and you understand the problem, then you go to your services, your toolbox, and build a customized solution for them.”

      This client-centric approach not only fosters stronger client relationships but also enhances business outcomes by delivering solutions that truly address client needs.

      By understanding and addressing client needs effectively, businesses can forge stronger connections, drive growth, and ultimately thrive in today’s dynamic market landscape by adopting a client-centric approach.

      You don’t see any successful brands that got there because they did what somebody else was doing.

      A Client-Centric Approach For Success w/ Ivonne Kinser
      A Client-Centric Approach For Success w/ Ivonne Kinser
      A Client-Centric Approach For Success w/ Ivonne Kinser – Copyright Ivonne Kinser

      How to stand out in the market.

      In a crowded marketplace, authenticity is a powerful differentiator for businesses seeking to stand out. Ivonne emphasizes the importance of embracing authenticity as a cornerstone of business success.

      Ivonne believes that personal brands, rooted in individual strengths and values, resonate more deeply with audiences than corporate brands alone.

      As she aptly puts it, “personal brands somehow, depending on the environment, are more powerful than a corporate brand because they’re more authentic.”

      By embracing authenticity, businesses can carve a distinct identity, foster deeper connections with audiences, and ultimately differentiate themselves in a crowded market landscape.

        Take-aways you do not want to miss πŸ‘‡

        • Why prioritising your client’s needs is essential for consultancy businesses
        • How to adopt a client-centric approach in your strategies
        • Why embracing authenticity and being original is crucial for standing out
        • The right approach to pitching your products or services
        • How to build your client-centric toolbox for success
        • The role of personal branding in fostering authenticity and building deeper connections with your audience
        • Why disruption is not to be feared but embraced as an opportunity to showcase your unique value proposition in the market
        • How to change your thinking to unleash your full potential and drive business growth

        Resources for you.

        1. Connect with Ivonne on LinkedIn
        2. Find out more about Vantage Innovation Lab: Innovation Driven Growth
        3. Find out more about her book: THINK

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