According to Allied Market Research, the global corporate training market was valued at more than $33 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $41 Billion by 2027. That’s just one source. So what does that mean for you? It suggests two things: Firstly, the need for people-performance experts is growing exponentially. Secondly, there is massive opportunity out there for you as a learning and development professional whether inside corporate L&D or as an external solutions provider.

Each week, we invite experts from the hundreds of thousands of professionals in the talent development community worldwide. Our guests and contributors are hands-on practitioners just like you. Directors of Learning & Development, Chief Learning Officers, Coaches, Facilitators, Authors, and learning technology experts. We work hard to bring you their insight and knowledge to help your practice. 

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Our Values

Help others

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We love talent development! We are privileged to help people to learn and achieve their goals. Whether as Directors of Talent Development, Learning Leaders, External consultants, facilitators you and I have the best job in the world. We feel amazing when we see the ‘lightbulb’ go on over people’s heads and watch them grow and make progress. We strive to help others in everything we do.

Be the best

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We are committed to the highest professional learning and development standards. You and I ensure that the people-development initiatives, programs and plans we implement for millions of people all around the world are the best they can be. We strive to share the insight, expertise, tips and advice that helps our talent development colleagues to grow and develop.

Share ideas

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We help our profession by contributing to the skills and development of other learning & development professionals. Experienced and inexperienced. You and I communicate and elevate the success of our profession by developing each other. We are here to help and learn from people just like us. Our community of learning and development practitioners grows as we listen, talk and co-operate.

Connect to grow

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We connect with each other through the training business community and networks. We are as strong as the groups that we build around us. You and I connect and support each other’s growth at every opportunity. There will be ups and downs. Successes and failures. But when we help each other as training and development professionals, we get that help back when we most need it. The first step in growing your potential is to connect with the people who can help you grow and flourish.

Founder’s Message

The day I got my first taste of training, was the day I attended the 3-day Train-the-Trainer program at Euro Disney. I had no idea about adult-learning theory or lesson plans or even learning objectives. I had spent 7 months at Walt Disney World in Florida and had recently been transferred to Europe to help recruit new ‘cast-members (Disney employees) at the resort just outside Paris, France.

In my first two weeks, my Manager at the time, ‘Marcel Peijnenburg‘ from the Netherlands (now also a full-time trainer!) asked me if I would consider ‘training’ new members of the Disney Family so I eagerly said ‘yes’! I had no real idea what training and development was about, but it sounded really fun. There was no shortage of young, talented people who wanted to ‘work for the Mouse’ and I was super-enthusiastic about all things Disney. That decision was easily one of the best decisions of my life and has shaped it ever since.

Sally’s story

Years later, after thousands of hours of designing, managing and delivering talent-development programs internationally, I was reminded of the choice I had made years previously. It was the end of a two-day sales presentation skills workshop we were running for Senior Managers at Virgin Media Business, a top-3 cable TV and internet provider in the UK market. On the first day, one of the delegates, Sally (name changed) had been physically shaking with fear as she introduced herself.

This impeccably dressed Manager of 50+ people was terrified of delivering a presentation on front of her colleagues. She wanted to hide. In fact, everyone was aware that Sally was dreading this training session. However by 4pm the next day (after the 3rd attempt), Sally had delivered a 4 min sales presentation without stammering, or mistakes. Everyone was hooting, hollering and applauding her. Wow!

Everyone understood the huge significance of the break-through she had just made before our eyes. From fear to performance in less than 24 hours. It was literally a life-changing experience as I watched Sally overcome her fears and perform. I actually have a lump in throat as I type this, just recalling the emotion of that day. This is why I love people-development. This is why I have loved every minute of being a Learning Development leader and trainer.

What’s your story?

What about you? Have you stories like this? Is this how you feel about learning & development? It’s more than a job, it’s your calling, isn’t it? How do you feel when you realize that a talent-development initiative you championed has achieved results. Your stakeholders are delighted and you can see the significant effects on the workforce. These are the kinds of days when you feels it’s all been worth it.

The fact is, that as long as there are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world starting jobs every day, changing careers every day and seeking promotion every day (you can do the math) there will be people like Sally, who need training business professionals like you and your colleagues.

We are people-development experts
We are leaders and enablers
We are agents of personal growth
We are shepherds of human potential 

What an incredible and amazing life you have chosen by deciding to become a learning and development professional. TrainingBusiness is your community.

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