How I went from $0 to $100K in 12 months w/ Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson Electrical Sales Trainer
Adam Wilson Electrical Sales Trainer – Copyright Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson began his training consultancy but had no leads and no plan except to work extremely hard and really believe in himself.

It would have been easier to stay in a job as head sales trainer rather than to think like an entrepreneur and to start his own business.

As a talented employee, Adam could have taken the monthly salary and kept the company car. But he knew that he could make more money and have greater control.

Nobody wants to buy your training. They want to buy the results of your training… Share on X

Adam realized that he could lead his own niche. He could be the expert that manufactures, suppliers, distributors and wholesalers in the electrical industry think of when they want help with sales.

But what a time to launch a training consultancy at the start of the global pandemic in 2020.

Fast forward two years and Adam has now got ‘run-rate’ income, his first $100k sales year and plans to grow his training and coaching brand internationally.


Niche down and own the niche

You and I know that there are lots of trainers out there. But what our customers want is someone who doesn’t just trains.

They want someone who ‘gets’ them. They want someone who understands their world and their frustrations.

I have two routes to market. Cold-calling still is for me the fastest way to get through to potential training buyers.

LEARN MORE: Listen to our episode on how you can use cold-calling to get through to training buyers and decision makers

My fiancée would regularly come downstairs and find me in my pyjamas with my laptop and a list of potential customers to call.

The other one is the marketing that I do on LinkedIn. And LinkedIn has worked for me.

I regularly post on LinkedIn and my posts are read by Managing Directors – potential clients.

Listen now to learn more!

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What made him decide to become a freelance trainer
  • Which targets he sets himself to generate business
  • Where Adam is using LinkedIn to get leads
  • How Adam plans to grow into international markets
  • When he knows its time to increase his prices
  • Why he is excited about developing his own training app

Some resources for you

Adam Wilson – The Electric Sales Trainer
LinkedIn – Adam’s profile on LinkedIn – Branded app development agency


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