How I niched my training business w/ Andrew Sillitoe

niching his training business
niching his training business – Photo by Andrew Sillitoe

Niche down

What’t unique about your offering? What’s your specialism? To put it another way: What’s your niche? You have heard the expression: “the riches are in the niches”, right?

What this expression suggests, is that your business interests (and those of your clients) are best served by your focusing on a specific niche because that’s where you will be most successful.

Today’s guest is Andrew Sillitoe who discovers that he won more business and made more money when he niched-down and delivered training and coaching in his unique way. Check it out!

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It’s better to go a mile deep than a mile wide when it comes to your business

Productize your offering

At some point, when you have enjoyed a consistent demand for your training services, the time comes for you to ‘productize’ them and monetise them.

If you are constantly creating new content for new clients, you rapidly wear both yourself and your team out trying to be all things to all people.

“As a training business owner, you are always ‘tinkering’ with your IP (intellectual property), looking for feedback to find out what customers like and don’t like….”

Andrew Tilling – Facilitator and Coach

Sadly, some training businesses build a library of dozens or hundreds of programs or versions of programs which are never used again.

Taking this feedback into consideration, Andrew is glad that today Strategic Team Coach is a very refined product.

“Something which I learned – probably two years later than I could have done – is that it’s better to go a mile deep rather than a mile wide…..”

That’s worth re-reading .

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What Andrew charges for coaching and training
  • How Andrew manages two separate brands
  • What Andrew does to attract ‘blue-chip’ clients
  • How he decides which clients are not right for him
  • Where he generates the majority of his business
  • How writing a book has helped his personal brand
  • Where delivering live-video training on Linkedin works

Some helpful resources for you

Andrew Sillitoe – Andrew’s eponymous personal coaching brand
Click Funnels – Subscription-based online marketing automation

Listen to the episode now


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