Strategies to avoid getting burnt out w/ Emily Ballesteros

Strategies to avoid getting burnt out w/ Emily Ballesteros
Strategies to avoid getting burnt out w/ Emily Ballesteros

Are you starting to get that burnt out feeling or do you constantly feel the weight of burnout in your professional life? If you are desperately seeking a cure you’re in for a treat on this week’s episode of the Training Business Podcast.

My guest this week is, Emily Ballesteros, owner of Burnout Management. Emily is not only a master of Industrial Organisational Psychology but also a corporate training expert.

She holds a master’s degree in Industrial Organisational Psychology and is also about to launch a book titled “The Cure for Burnout” on February 13, 2024.

So, in today’s episode, Emily is going to share tips from her book on how to combat burnout. She’ll also be drawing from her successful career as a trainer in overcoming Burnout her and media features in The Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

Let’s uncover the keys to conquering burnout together.

Tune in and you’ll learn the following, plus much more:

  • Strategies to combat burnout
  • How to position yourself for success
  • The importance of setting boundaries

:headphones: Ready to revolutionize your approach to burnoutt? Don’t miss out on invaluable insights that will reshape your professional journey.

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If you like what you’re doing, don’t do things that make you hate it.

Strategies to avoid getting burnt out w/ Emily Ballesteros
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Strategies to avoid getting burnt out w/ Emily Ballesteros

Are you burnt out?

When I first started experiencing burnout in about 2018, circumstances were a little bit different.’

Burnout can strike anyone, even those pursuing their passions. Emily’s approach to addressing burnout combines both empathy and practicality. She emphasizes the importance of mindset, saying, ‘That effort does not guarantee results.’

Her methodology encompasses areas like time management, stress management, setting boundaries, and prioritizing personal care.

Emily’s holistic approach to combating burnout is rooted in her conversations with those who have experienced it firsthand, as she notes, ‘I did a bunch of market research, talked to as many burned-out people as possible.’

Her journey, from experiencing burnout herself to becoming a beacon of hope for others, demonstrates that recovery from burnout is not only possible but achievable through a thoughtful and comprehensive approach.

A hard lesson to learn that you have to say no to things to say yes to the right things.

Strategies to avoid getting burnt out w/ Emily Ballesteros
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Strategies to avoid getting burnt out w/ Emily Ballesteros

Strategies to avoid becoming burnt out

  1. Recognize the Problem Early: Acknowledging burnout and its causes is the first step toward addressing it.
  2. Conduct Thorough Research: Seeking information and solutions tailored to your specific circumstances.
  3. Develop a Comprehensive Methodology: Emily’s methodology for addressing burnout encompasses various elements, including mindset, time management, stress management, boundaries, and personal care.
  4. Prioritize Self-Care: By including personal care, individuals can build resilience against becoming burnt out.
  5. Define Your Limits: Know and respect your limits. By setting boundaries and being selective about commitments, you can prevent you from becoming burnt out.
  6. Shift Mindset: A change in your perspective encourages you to focus on meaningful actions and avoid excessive work that can lead to feeling burnt out.

Sometimes No is a good word.

‘When you’re completely responsible for yourself, you have to go through this period of panic, figuring out where to channel your efforts.’

Emily’s observation may resonate with you if you juggle multiple roles as work boundaries can often blur into personal life.

Emily encourages you to define your limits and resist the constant pressure to be available 24/7.

As she aptly puts it, ‘It’s hard to say no to things.’

However, she emphasizes the importance of ‘knowing whatever that looks like for you,’ highlighting the need for self-awareness and self-care in the pursuit of a balanced and fulfilling life.

Take-aways you do not want to miss πŸ‘‡

  • How to understand your limits
  • The importance of staying authentic to your values and desires
  • Why you should be selective with your opportunities
  • How to cultivate a growth mindset
  • Finding the balance between ambition and enjoying the present moment
  • The importance of a support network that understands your goals and encourages your well-being
  • Why continuous learning and self-improvement are essential for personal and professional growth
  • Self-care practices to incorporate into your daily routine
  • How embracing the simplicity of life can help when you are feeling burnt out
  • Learning to trust your instincts for a happier work-life balance

Resources for you.

  1. Connect with Emily: LinkedIn
  2. Read more about how to cope and combat burnout: The Cure for Burnout
  3. Find out more about how Emily can help with burnout:

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