How to be more productive through resilience

Be more productive, be more resilient - Image copyright Allison Jarrett
Allison Jarrett – Reliance Coach – How to be more productive – Image copyright Allison Jarrett

How do you integrate resilience into your work and operations as a training business to be more productive?

Do you offer resilience training to your consulting clients?

In this episode, Allison Jarrett will give you tips and ideas to improve your resilience, make your business more productive and explain how working with other trainers in a collective can help you and your business thrive.

Allison has been a resilience coach since 2012 after retiring from the US Air Force.

Allison was always impressed by how the Air Force’s resilience training programme helped Force members develop their personal strength and growth to enable them to cope and grow in their day-to-day.

In this episode, Allison talks to you about how she got into the training business in the first place, from her years in the Force to running her own successful business.

She’ll give you the tools to improve your resilience so you can be more productive for your clients.

You’ll learm:

  • How you can find your collective
  • How you can be more productivity
  • Why you should seek out support
  • How you can be more resilient

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Create your network

I work with Ally LLC as the Director of Operations. We’re all coaches and consultants and support each other in our businesses.

We all have our own paid coaching clients and different strengths to offer the marketplace, but sometimes we can collaborate or refer to each other.

Since joining my collective, I’ve learned something every day!

Form a collective – find out how it helps you to be more productive

Your group will support you and help you see gaps in your knowledge and business growth that you might not be aware of.

You can really learn by finding mentorship from other consultants and trainers who are in the same business as you.

In the collective, we actually uplift each other, because if one of us hits a roadblock we reach out and coach each other through a situation.

So, being a part of a collective is beneficial.”

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How you can achieve a mindset of resilience
  • What Allison gained from working in a collective
  • What you can gain from a support group
  • 3 steps to becoming more productive
  • How you can find your tribe
  • How resilience can help you manage burnout

Some resources for you

Check out the episode today.

Listen again – Learn how Oliva Schofield and her fellow trainers use their own collective to share work with each other.

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