Becoming Confidently Resilient w/Audrey Tang

Becoming Confidently Resilient w/Audrey Tang
Becoming Confidently Resilient w/Audrey Tang

Using games and acting in your training can create a safe space to help clients become more resilient and confidently tackle obstacles in their work. However, there is a fine line to getting the balance right in training sessions.

My guest this week on the Training Business podcast is Dr Audrey Tang.

Dr Audrey Tang is a Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society), and award-winning business author with a focus on practical tools for wellbeing.

She hosts podcast ‘Retrain Your Brain for Success’, and The Wellbeing Lounge on NLiveRadio (2nd place/Silver “Female Presenter of the Year 2022 & 2023 in the Community Radio Awards).

Audrey offers expert comment as a psychologist spokesperson both academically and through TV, Radio and published media in the fields of mindfulness, resilience, leadership and wellbeing.

As well as her workshops and coaching practice, she is a long-time advocate for boosting mental and emotional fitness within her community through CLICK Arts Foundation. The foundation offers opportunities to build confidence, boost self-value and learn new skills through shows and performing arts driven events.

Tune in and you’ll learn the following, plus much more:

  • The importance of building resilience in business
  • How to use games and actors correctly in training
  • How escape games can be useful in training

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Resilience gives you the courage to go to the difficult place when you need to.

Becoming Confidently Resilient w/Audrey Tang
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Becoming Confidently Resilient – copyright Audrey Tang

How can you become confidently resilient?

You need to think about the people you’re supporting

What’s right for them, what makes them feel better, what makes them better able to give the performance they want to give?

One of the things that I’ve learned through my work is that people don’t go into situations wanting to do a bad job. They go in wanting to succeed, wanting to have the opportunity to be praised, wanting to have the opportunity to do well.

The Escape Game really allows people to reflect on their behaviours, and hopefully make changes.

If nothing else, they gain the self-awareness of not only what that behaviour may lead to the consequences, and how that behaviour is perceived by other people.

Escape games are great because they reveal authentic and real behaviors, because under pressure, you suddenly become yourself.

Becoming Confidently Resilient w/Audrey Tang
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Becoming Confidently Resilient- Copyright Audrey Tang

Using the FIRO-B® Test

Relationships are as important to us as food and water to survival.

However, we all need different amounts of it.

So on the one hand, you’ve got people who want loads and loads of people around them all the time, and that’s how they perform at their best. And there’s others who just want one or two people.

The FIRO-B® Test looks at three particular dimensions, affection, inclusion, and control or leadership.

The best thing about the FIRO-B® Test, which I think is really clever, is you look at not just how much you want it, but how much you display it as well,

It allows people that little bit of extra insight.

So everything I do is largely about saying to people, let’s have a look at your behaviours in a safe space and start from there.

Take-aways you do not want to miss 👇

  • Why Mindfulness is crucial in your leadership
  • How Escape Games Uncover Authenticity
  • How to properly Incorporate Actors into your training
  • How to help your clients become confidently resilient
  • What the FIRO-B® Test is and how you can use it to understand your clients.
  • Why people thrive if you give them safe learning environments
  • What do Escape Games have to do with your training
  • The fine line between getting your role-play right and wrong
  • How Escape Games can revolutionise your training

Some resources for you

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