Building a 300 person facilitator network w/ Karen Winfield

karen winfield PD Training

Grow a large team

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to build a massive, global team of training and coaching professionals diligently representing your brand?

Some facilitators are happy to stay small because running a small training business has obvious advantages and less complexity.

But maybe part of you aspires to having your own trainer network of facilitators who can deliver your programs across the globe. If that sounds like you, check out Karen’s story now.

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For the first two years, I was probably working seven days a week, night and day. Then about three years in, I had a massive burnout…

Karen Winfield – Co Founder PD Training

Choose people carefully

Karen says that one of her main tasks is careful recruitment of contract trainers so that they can be entrusted with the PD training brand irrespective of their location.

“I find all the trainers to be in our network, get them ‘on-boarded’ and understand our processes and our course material and get them to work on behalf of PD Training.”

“The tricky part is making sure that we have the right trainer for the right client, the trainer with the right background and the trainer with the right experience…”

“So, we’re forever looking for more trainers to join our network, and the more trainers that come on board then it’s making sure that our sales team are familiar with them.”

Listen to the episode now


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Karen went from being an accountant to running an international training business
  • How PD Training identify, qualify and onboard prospective new trainers
  • How Karen manages a team of 300+ trainers across multiple locations
  • Which are the top 30 skills in demand by customers of PD Training
  • Why Karen and Paul (Co-Founder) invested in a proprietary psychometric tool
  • Which lessons Karen learned from expansion too early
  • What the ‘Fast-Five’ series is and how it helps PD trainers
  • Which advice Karen would give to prospective trainers

Some helpful resources for you

PD Training – Homepage of Professional Development Training Pty Ltd.
Leading Dimensions Profile – LDP framework used to measure behavioural preferences
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – Internationally-recognised psychometric evaluation tool
Fish Team Building – “FISH!” philosophy to help organizations create happy workplaces
Org Dev Institute – Creating and providing HR-support tools and services

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