How do you build your expert brand and monetize it w/ Chris Ducker

build your personal brand Chris Ducker
Build your personal brand – Photo copyright Chris Ducker

Be your brand

Many coaches and trainers want a brand that resonate with their audiences. It’s easier said than done because there is so much to master including positioning and messaging.

As the author of Rise of the YouPreneur, Chris Ducker knows more than most people about building an expert brand and monetizing it.

You’re in safe hands as Chris has made millions training entrepreneurs to scale their personal platforms and grow a paying audience. Loads of actionable advice in today’s episode!

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Charge what you are really worth and people will find a way to pay for it @ChrisDucker

Once a year, Chris hosts the YouPreneur Summit in the middle of London, where up to 500 like-minded entrepreneurs gather for masterclasses on branding, marketing and internet sales.

Chris originally coined the term ‘YouPreneur’ to represent a business built by ‘You’. In other words one based on your talents, experience, ideas and personality.

People will want to do business with your name because you have worked hard to build that reputation

Chris Ducker – CEO

Chris says that being a YouPreneur gives you an unfair advantage because a business based on you is one that appeals most to your clients.

When people invest in your training and facilitated workshops, they are buying the experience of you – not just the program developed by you. Get it?


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What Chris offers in his private Masterminds and Inner Circle
  • How an online academy can get you passive income streams
  • Which of his students have seen the most success with courses
  • How Chris has built a team that run his business on auto-pilot
  • What you can do to establish your authority in your market

Some helpful resources for you

YouPreneur London – Chris’s annual speaker summit – Chris’s personal site

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