Practical Tips to Create a Training Video that Resonates w/ Rob Glass

Practical Tips to Create a Training Video that Resonates w/ Rob Glass

Imagine transforming your business’s reach and impact overnight with just your smartphone: Find out how to captivate, educate, and inspire your audience with a training video and elevate your training or coaching brand.

This week on the Training Business podcast we’re thrilled to be speaking to Rob Glass, a BBC-trained Presenter/Producer/Video Journalist with over 20 years of experience.

Rob is a masterclass facilitator for The Guardian newspaper, Lead Trainer at Make Great Video, owner of Coracle Films Ltd, and a respected LinkedIn Learning instructor. He has conducted courses globally and worked with renowned organisations like BMW, Deloitte, and Siemens.

Rob’s insights into creating compelling content using just a smartphone are invaluable for anyone striving to make a significant impact without the need for extensive production teams.

For anyone invested in leveraging video to enhance their training, facilitation, or coaching brand, this episode is not to be missed.

Tune in and you’ll learn the following, plus much more:

  • Techniques to grab and retain viewer attention within the first few seconds of your training video
  • Strategies to align your video content with your audience’s needs to ensure your videos facilitate real change or action
  • Practical tips on lighting, sound, and framing to enhance the visual and auditory appeal of your training video, regardless of budget constraints

Rob’s expertise and practical tips will help you to effectively communicate your message and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Tune in today to discover how you can transform your business with engaging and well-crafted video content.

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The audience is the most important thing. Because if you lose your audience, then whatever production values went in amounts to nothing, because nobody’s watching.

Practical Tips to Create a Training Video that Resonates w/ Rob Glass
Practical Tips to Create a Training Video that Resonates w/ Rob Glass- Copyright Rob Glass

Why create a training video?

A training video is not just an educational tool, but a catalyst for change and growth in your training/coaching business. Videos have the potential to do so much more than simply convey information.

In this episode, Rob highlights a few key reasons why a training video is an essential part of modern learning.

For starters, videos bring a level of “consistent training material” to the table. This means that “every viewer receives the same information, presented in the same manner.” It’s a fantastic way to ensure everyone’s on the same page, no matter where they’re starting from.

Then there’s the flexibility aspect, allowing learners to engage “at any time and from any location.” This flexibility means busy schedules and different learning speeds can be accommodated for, making your training more accessible.

Videos also help with visual learning to “improve comprehension and retention rates among learners,”, especially for aspects of training and coaching that really benefit from being shown rather than just discussed.

Plus, once you’ve made a video, it can reach an “unlimited number of learners without additional costs.” It’s a cost-effective way to get your message out there, far and wide.

Tapping into the “power of visual learning” with training videos is about enhancing the educational experience in a way that’s engaging, efficient, and, above all, impactful.

It’s not just about teaching; it’s about transforming how we learn.

There is a huge power in self generated videos. Because there’s none of those big budget constraints, we can take it to new places.

Practical Tips to Create a Training Video that Resonates w/ Rob Glass
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Practical Tips to Create a Training Video that Resonates w/ Rob Glass – Copyright Rob Glass

On any budget, really?

Rob’s perspective on creating training videos is refreshing, especially when you’re mindful of your budget. He has this knack for making the whole process feel approachable and doable, even for those of us who might not consider ourselves tech-savvy.

The barrier to entry isn’t as high as we might think. Rob points out that the smartphone in your pocket is probably your best ally here. “Just take out the phone and film something,” he suggests, emphasizing how straightforward it can be to get started with video production.

It’s fascinating how the quality of today’s smartphone cameras can rival what used to require bulky, expensive equipment. Rob’s all about leveraging what you have, focusing on authenticity and the message you want to convey, rather than getting hung up on having the perfect setup.

Reflecting on how the landscape of video production has evolved, Rob talks about moving away from the notion that you need a big budget to make something impactful. The real magic, he suggests, lies in self-generated content. It’s less about the gloss and glamour of high-end production and more about creating genuine connections with your audience.

For anyone hesitating to start because of budgetary constraints or technical worries, let Rob’s advice be your guide.

Video production is more accessible and manageable than ever, and it’s ripe with opportunities for those willing to dive in.

    Take-aways you do not want to miss πŸ‘‡

    • Strategies for capturing and maintaining your audience’s attention within the critical first few seconds of a video.
    • How storytelling can draw your viewers in, making the content more relatable and memorable.
    • Practical advice on creating high-quality videos without a large budget.
    • How to maximise the impact of your video by framing shots, using lighting, and incorporating visual aids
    • Editing techniques that can help reset your viewer’s attention and keep them focused on the content.
    • The importance of understanding the specific needs of your audience
    • Tips to overcome the fear of producing content that may not seem professional enough.

    Resources for you.

    1. Connect or follow Rob: LinkedIn
    2. Find out more about Make Great Video: Seize the power
    3. FREE video masterclass: Make Great Video
    4. More tips from Rob: LinkedIn Learning
    5. Video editing software: Capcut

    Check out the episode today!


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