How do I create content my clients love w/ Joe Pulizzi

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Do you share great content?

Do you think of yourself as a content producer? Most small business owners don’t but today’s guest Joe Pulizzi, author of the bestselling book Content Inc thinks that you should!

You’re probably posting on LinkedIn and writing articles on your blog to attract clients. But is it the best stuff you have? Great question 🙃

It doesn’t matter whether you are a coach, consultant or trainer. It really doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in.

The question to ask yourself is this: Am I focusing on the content that solves my clients’ most important problems and am I sharing my solutions and advice in the form of content?

Joe Pulizzi says that you should be sharing your best content and giving it away for FREE!

Find out why!

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How do you build an audience?

Joe used to be a consultant before he became an author. So he knows that attracting high-paying clients is all about creating credibility through sharing your ideas.

I believe that you have to start with building an audience that looks forward to hearing what you have to say and reading what you have written.

Give away your content. All of it. I know it's counterintuitive, but that's what really works! Tweet this!

And then, on the back of that, you can create your training and consulting products and services.

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This is how you build trust and credibility. This is how build loyalty. This is how you build a pipeline of people who want to work with you.

You write a newsletter or a series of posts and a 1000 people look forward to getting it every week. Well that’s it right there. That’s your ‘client pipeline’ 

I know this because I was in consulting for 10 years and I had to learn this. You have to be completely authentic and just put it all out there.

Start with building an audience that looks forward to hearing what you have to say and reading what you have written

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What exactly is content marketing
  • Why consultants need to create a media brand
  • How do you write content that wins subscribers
  • Why consistency really matters to your audience
  • What Joe means by your ‘tilt’
  • Why should you give your best material away
  • How newsletters can help you attract clients
  • What do great articles and posts look like

Some resources for you

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Content Inc – Start a content-first business and build a massive audience
Joe Pulizzi – Joe’s home page and blog
Meera Kothand – The One Hour Content Plan
Build a StoryBrand – Clarify your Message So Customers Will Listen


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