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Jason Durkee Transferring learning into on the job results
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Jason Durkee has been delivering learning and development solutions to clients in Japan for 28 years beginning in 1993 when he joined a startup as a corporate trainer. 

He worked his way up from trainer to instructional designer, then to manager and director before starting out on his own working with direct clients.

In that time, Jason reckons that he has developed, co-developed or contributed to the design of 200 or more training programs.

What about you? How many learning programs have you designed? Do you follow a process?

How do you know whether your workshop or coaching program is the right thing aimed at the right audience at the right time (so it sells)?

That’s what we’re going to cover today!

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Get your training product MVP out there

The term ‘MVP’ means that you need need to create a minimum viable product from your training design and get it out there as soon as you can.

If you are going to make a training program, you will have to design a course outline, slides, some kinds of exercises, content etc.

You cannot talk to corporate training customers and get feedback about something that doesn’t exist.

But if you create all of this before you have even tested the market, you are shooting yourself in the foot!

What you need is to share an outline: Here is the business problem this proposed program will solve. Here are the program goals. These are the content areas.

This is your MVP. Anything more than that is too much at this stage.

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How to research the training market
  • Why to create a minimum viable product 
  • What to do to get client feedback early
  • How to get your first workshop to market
  • Why to involve customers in shaping design
  • Which testimonial to get from customers
  • What to do to launch your MVP training product

Some links for you

PTT – Practical Training Transfer
Idea Development – Jason’s corporate training brand
LinkedIn – Jason Durkee on LinkedIn


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