How I built DEX Training & Consulting w/ Silke Körner

silke korner DEX Training & Consulting
silke korner DEX Training & Consulting

Experiential Learning Business

Silke Körner started out as Director of Teaching & Learning with the Outdoor Education Group in Australia before moving to Brazil as a Training Development Consultant.

For a long time, Silke aspired to launch her own experiential-learning training business in Germany. Today, she runs DEX Training & Consulting with her business partner Jörg Janzen.

The business has been surprisingly successful from its launch in Cologne in 2018. Silke’s going to share her story with you today, so check it out now!

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What your clients actually want from you is not just your training material (knowledge), but the ability to apply the material (skill) and the creation of the behavior (will) in their people to use it consistently…

Silke Körner – Experiential Learning Expert

Sell behavioural change

“When we talk about soft skills or staff development, what we usually mean is that we need new behaviours or specific behaviours”

Silke is convinced that changing behaviour in the workplace is exactly what her clients pay her to do but it can be a tough thing to achieve.

They’re looking for a transformation – in other words – a measurable, visible, sustainable, change in behaviour that comes about as a result of investing in your training.

“So, in order to actually change something and improve something, it always comes back to behavior…”

Silke Körner – DEX Training & Consulting

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Silke’s journey in learning & development across three continents
  • How Silke and her business partner Jörg came up with the business name
  • How digital and experiential learning facilitate what she calls ‘deep-learning’
  • Why behavioural-change is critical to the success of training interventions
  • What the Kirkpatrick model means to Silke and why it is relevant to training
  • What Silke looks for when hiring contract trainers

Some helpful resources for you

ATD – Association for Talent Development [USA]
Kirkpatrick Model – Official site of the model with accompanying resources
Kirkpatrick Partners Book – Four Level of Training Evaluation available online [Amazon]
DEX Training – Silke’s training business based in Cologne [GER]
Outdoor Education Group – Australian training organization [AUS]

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