How I transform clients through empathy w/ Sharon Steed

Sharon Steed Empathy Consultant
Sharon Steed Empathy Consultant – Copyright Sharon Steed

Sharon Steed is an Empathy Consultant. She works with businesses who need to build empathy between their people in these challenging times.

As you’ll hear, Sharon has a pronounced stutter. But that’s something that makes clients want to work with her.  She knows what it’s like to be different.

Sharon understands the power of leveraging strengths through diversity and inclusion, and of profiting from differences not masking them or running away from them.

Sharon could have avoided the stage. Instead, Sharon brings her stutter to her clients as part of her trainings and keynote talks. 

Her courage is inspirational. What does it tell you about your comfort zone!

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In the beginning, giving keynotes and talks was really a question of becoming comfortable on stage.

I thought that I was just going to get up on stage and it was going to be terrible. I thought I was going to hate myself but that’s ok.

Somehow, I was able to really captivate people who were incredibly impacted by all of my talks.

I realised that this isn’t about me. This is about showing people how to engage their empathy on a day to day basis.

And part of the reason why I show my insecurity is that it forces people listening to me to get in to the correct mindset to show empathy

Become I am a person who stutters, people are going to feel empathy and feel better about their now insecurities as well as their own vulnerabilities.

My corporate clients can see the benefit of being sincerely inclusive and of harnessing empathy among their teams.

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Why people are starved of empathy
  • Where Sharon found the courage to leverage her stutter
  • How Sharon facilitates conversations in empathy
  • How being a TED speaker led to a business idea
  • What the business case is for creating empathy at work

Some links for you

Communilogue – Sharon’s empathy empathy consultancy homepage
Linkedin Learning – Sharon Steed’s course on LinkedIn


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