From the army to freelance trainer w/ Bart Brammer

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As a soldier in the US Army, Bart Brammer from Tennessee was sitting in a training session one day and told his instructor that he could do a better job than him.

Bart strode to the front of the class and showed everybody that he could deliver just as the guy paid to deliver the lesson. That incident changed the course of Bart’s life.

Many years later, Bart is still thankful that he made the leap to independent facilitator. He travels the country leading workshops and loves his job. Check out his story below!

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I don’t believe that people are born trainers. You can develop yourself as a trainer.  I certainly stumbled into it and discovered that I love it…

Bart Brammer, Freelance Trainer and ‘Road Warrior’

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I asked Bart whether he thinks that someone who wants to become a training professional should go through some form of TTT (train the trainer) training accreditation programme in order to gain formal training professional skills.

“Oh absolutely. The best way to do  this is to acquire experience of delivering training. You learn twice. You are asked lots of questions by students and you then have the opportunity to come up with the answers before you train it again.”

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Bart came to be be involved in training via the Military
  • Why the best trainers aren’t ‘born’, yet not everyone can be ‘made’ a trainer
  • Why Bart has eschewed direct clients and prefers to work as a freelance trainer
  • How Bart decides which training vendors he wants to work with
  • What the typical trainer audition process is when working with training vendors
  • Why Bart considers himself a ‘road-warrior’ who likes to travel
  • What the most important question to ask on a training evaluation sheet is
  • What Bart would do differently if he were to start all over again

Some resources for you

The Training Associates – Apply here to work with Training Associates [USA]

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