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Leading from the frontline

Today, we get chatting with Leslie Riley, a former Captain in the US army who flew Chinook transport helicopters. Those are the giant ones with two sets of rotors!

We were curious how being a former officer, and a graduate of the US Military Academy at Westpoint has given Leslie the kudos to work with amazing brands like Adobe, Disney (my old employer) and Chrysler as a facilitator.

Leslie’s brand is FullCircleInspiration and she specializes in delivering leadership through everyday experiences and stories. Nowadays, with her army days behind her, Leslie has some amazing stories to tell!

When I joined the army, I realised pretty early on that the part I loved the most was leading people … Lesley Riley @leadlikeagirl

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I got my own first client through speaking. I gave a talk and someone said ‘hey! We need what you are offering’

Leslie Riley – Capt. (Retired.) US Army

Loving training first time

Leslie wasn’t aware that she was actually offering anything when she gave this talk. She had a full-time job. All she realised was that she loved the experience and wanted to do it again.

She went to her boss and asked ‘Can I do this?’ And her boss said ‘no’..but if you want to take a day off and give this company the training that they need…then go ahead’.

My client said ‘You’re pretty good at this. Do you want to teach our material? And I said Heck Yeah!’ @leadlikeagirl

‘So I did. I went ahead and set up my own facilitation business because I wanted to do more of this!

So what happened next? The company that trained Leslie how to be a facilitator said to her ‘You’re pretty good at this. Do you want to teach our material? And I said ‘heck yeah!!’

That’s the kind of bold move that we like here at TrainingBusiness® !


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Which lessons Leslie took from being an army leader
  • How she came up with the term inner journey to leadership
  • How Leslie worked with a speaking coach to get a TedX event
  • How she leverages word-of-mouth to win clients
  • Why Leslie prefers DiSC as an assessment tool
  • How AGILE coaching can be integrated into your offering

Some resources for you

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Full Circle Inspiration – Leslie’s corporate training brand
YouTube – Leslie’s TedX talk about her time in the army
Lead Like a Girl – Leslie’s personal blog
Everything DiSC – Certification program for DiSC trainers
Agile Coaching Institute – Organization delivering Agile programs [US]

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