Generating business on social media w/ Suman Kher

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Get social to get business

As a self-employed Communication Trainer and Soft-Skills Trainer, Suman Kher is highly-active on social media where she has seen a lot of success in attracting new customers.

Based in Mumbai in India, Suman has taught bloggers and speakers how to do a great job of getting their messages across.

According to Suman, a great deal of her business comes from people interacting with the content she creates on social media. Learn what Suman does to generate this business!

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Attention spans are very short on social media. You can’t afford to just vanish for a week and expect people to remember you…

Suman Kher – Communication Trainer and Soft-Skills Trainer

Be Re-Creative

We all get dreaded ‘writer’s block’, when we find ourselves staring at a blank screen with no idea of what to write.

Suman admits that she has ‘written about so many topics that it’s really hard to come up with something really good and continue to write.’

The secret is to re-purpose and revisit content. There is no shame in doing this. It certainly stands to reason that most of your audience will not have seen all of your content?

I share photos on ‘Throwback-Thursday‘ which actually allows people to know what I did in the past.  I already have a lot of content, so I don’t really have to create new content but I make use of all this content that I have…

Suman Kher – Communications Skills Facilitator

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Why there is a lot of scope for communication training in India
  • How Suman became involved in the training business
  • What motivated Suman to qualify as an Executive Coach
  • What Suman thinks are the differences between coaching and training
  • How her activity on social media has attracted new clients to her business
  • Which tools and resources she has used to publish over 200 posts
  • Why providing training to women’s groups is dear to her heart
  • Why she thinks that there is huge potential in working with colleges
  • What she tells people who want to enter the training business

Some resources for you

Canva – online graphics creation and editing-tool
Dale Carnegie – international corporate training provider
Hootsuite – social-media management platform
Buffer – social media management platform
MeetEdgar – social media management platform
How to start a career as a corporate trainer – Suman’s blog post

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