How do I keep on getting work from a training company?

keep getting facilitation work
Keep getting facilitation work – Photo by @wocintechchat on Unsplash

Congratulations! You have been accepted into the faculty of trainers. It’s up to you to ask for work and to put yourself forward for any work which you can competently undertake.

It would be a mistake to rest on your laurels and to think: ‘OK….now that I have been hired’. The work is going to come rolling in. It might. It might not. Are you going to take that risk?

But how do you ensure that you don’t just get one assignment. Today’s episode is all about what to do next so you can keep the work coming in. Check it out now!

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You need to promote yourself, enhance your skillset and keep yourself marketable as a facilitator… got it?

Keep yourself valuable

There are most likely multiple trainers in the training faculty (pool of contract trainers) who are vying for the same work which you want.

More than 8 years ago, I was approached (I didn’t have to do the approaching) to apply to join a well-known institute of marketing as a contract trainer.

Promote yourself

I met the entire sales team, was shown the training rooms, met the Director, spoke German with the Head of Sales who was impressed that I could deliver training in more than two languages.

Only one assignment ever came of it and that was to stand in for someone who had a personal emergency and was unavailable.

I didn’t promote myself nor develop myself not invest in my skills set. I was also more expensive to hire (Lesson learned) !!

You need to be the trainer whom it is easy to do business with (are you?)

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Why you can’t afford to wait for training work to come your way
  • How helping the company to sell more training programs is in your interest
  • Why producing valuable, helpful content is going to ‘showcase’ your expertise
  • How keeping expenses down ensures you are given work or given nothing
  • Why it’s extremely important to be easy to do business with as a trainer
  • How sounding, looking and acting like you are a full-time employee pays off

Listen to the episode now


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