How I use Google Ads to sell my training w/ Jade Luke

jade Luke facilitator and trainer
jade Luke facilitator and trainer

Business from online ads

Jade now runs CCF Training providing customer care training in the UK. And most of her business comes from Google Ads.

Jade Luke was on maternity leave. She had just one month to get her first training contract or she would have to return to a 9-5 job.

Luckily, a close relative knew his way around Google ads and showed Jade how she could generate leads pretty quickly by crafting ads that spoke to the right training audience. Learn how she did it.,

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I had no idea about the concept of online advertising and specifically Google Ads until I spoke to a family member who runs a successful business…

Jade Luke – MD of Customer Care First Training

Anyone can learn Google ads

Jade admits that most of her business now comes to her via referrals and Google ads. It’s the latter that has been a real game changer.

Jade says: “When I first started the business, my plan was just to cold call and send emails and hope it works.”

But a chance conversation with a relative turned her head. He said “You’re going to have to learn Google Ads quickly.”

Jade admits that it wasn’t too much of a learning curve and that “If I can learn Google Ads, literally anyone can because, as I say, I’m not very technically-minded at all….”

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Why Jade sees customer care as a vocation and not just a job
  • What has helped her to tender for business supporting vocational qualifications
  • How she started her training business while on maternity leave
  • How Jade diversifies her offer to clients to provide more than just training
  • Why she prefers to ‘lift the phone’ rather than sell her services via email
  • How she decides what to charge her clients for her training packages
  • How Google Ads and ‘landing pages’ generate most of Jade’s direct businesses
  • What Jade has learned about being flexible and adaptable to client needs

Some helpful resources for you

CAVA – Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement [Open University]
CustomerCareFirst – Jade’s family business focused on customer service
GoogleAds – Google’s resource page for people new to Google Ads
Wix – Online platform allowing people to build online
LeadPages – Build your own landing pages to capture leads
InstaPage – Create attractive landing pages for your customers
WordPress – Online resource for people new to WordPress

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