How do I make my remote training radical w/ Joshua Davies

How do I make my remote training radical w/ Joshua Davies
Radically Remote Training – Photo by Joshua Davies

Keeping learners learning

How has the sudden shift from in-person training to remote whiteboards affected your client experience? What you don’t want are #boring zoom-fatigue sessions where people zone out.

There are more effective and engaging ways to engage your users so your facilitation becomes interactive, engaging and exciting. People get hands on, learn loads and want to come back!

Today, we speak with Joshua Davies based in S.A.R. Hong Kong. Joshua wants to help you transform your remote collaboration sessions into powerful learner experiences. Check it out!

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When people are active (not passive), they are going to learn a hell of a lot more from you…

Joshua Davies – Author of “Radically Remote” | Conversation Architect

Why do we train people? If it’s to dump information, that’s not the best use of their time!Information absorption can be done better through video-snippets, mini TEDx, micro-learning, just-in-time learning and the kind of self-directed or asynchronous learning that people do on their own time...”

Live, remote, synchronous face-to-face facilitation is better suited to application, reflection, discussion, simulation and feedback

So the challenge for 21st century trainers and facilitators like you is too figure out the appropriate blend between those two approaches: live remote facilitation where you are leading the training using tools like Miro, and pre-recorded or ‘offline’ training where the learner is leading themselves…”

LEARN MORE: Check out Miro Expert and TrainingBusiness contributor Isman Tanuri’s article on making the jump to remote facilitation

The temptation is to copy and paste a 6 hour workshop into a 1 hour remote session. That will never work…. @radicallyremote

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How to turn your training business from standard to radical.
  • 5 things you should not be doing in a remote training.
  • How to effectively gamify your remote training to create interest.
  • What to do to create learner ownership of the environment and the learning.
  • How to bring technology into your training business.
  • How to bring your authentic self into a virtual environment.
  • Top of the shelf formula to become a successful remote trainer or facilitator.

Some resources for you

Knowmium – Joshua Davies’ website
LinkedIn – Joshua’s professional profile on LinkedIn
The Art of Gathering – Priya Parker’s seminal work on leveraging the best from groups
Miro – Joshua’s preferred remote collaboration platform
Thinkific – An online course-creation system
Benji – Facilitation tool for immersive workshops


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