How do I make learning stick /w Peter Brown

Peter Brown Make it Stick
Peter Brown Make it Stick

Today’s guest is Peter Brown, co-author of a book that has really resonated with learning practitioners. It was written with one purpose to mind: to find out how we can help learners retain information.

When you run training programs, you want to impart knowledge but you also want that knowledge to be retained so learning gains don’t fade quickly.

“Make it Stick” draws on recent breakthroughs in cognitive psychology and explains how knowledge transferred in training is encoded, accessed and retrieved in the minds of learners and it’s absolutely brilliant! 

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Retrieval practice is the key to retention

When organizations invest in training programs, they don’t just want the buzz of the learning, they want the long-term payoff of knowledge-retention.

Make it Stick helps you as a learning practitioner to understand the opportunities that exist for embedding knowledge through retrieval practice.

Peter’s work has influenced how training can be personalised, practiced and perfected in such a way that it sticks in the mind of the learner.

Peter Says…

When you encounter a new skill, you need to find some way to relate it to something they already know. You can’t learn something if it doesn’t connect to something you already know…”

When you are trying to retrieve that thing which you have learned earlier, and it’s a little’s a sign that your brain is refreshing those connections...”

But to make information truly stick, you have to create enough of the right opportunities for your clients and learners to practice retrieving what you have trained them on…That’s the secret!

People who are incompetent and are not self-aware enough to realise they are incompetent are often not very good at learning… Peter Brown Author of Make it Stick TWEET THIS

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What does the latest cognitive science tell us about learning?
  • How do we deliver learning so that it sticks and becomes durable?
  • How do we create opportunities for retrieval practice? 
  • What does the science tell us about the most effective ways to practice retrieval?
  • How spaced-out or far apart should retrieval practice be?
  • How do we deal with people who feel they don’t need to practice retrieval?

Some resources for you

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Make it Stick – Website of Henry Roedinger, Mark McDaniel and Peter Brown
Book – Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning (Amazon)


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