How do I negotiate price for my workshops (part 2)

negotiating price for your training part 2
negotiating price for your training – Photo by Pexels

Focus on value not price

Your customers will be always be fixated on price when they don’t perceive sufficient value from your training business solution.

Think about it. How do you decide between two options when they are similar in most respects?
You focus on the difference in value. It’s true isn’t it?

In today’s episode, we address how to elevate price in your customers minds by first creating perceived value. When you do that, you are less likely to be stuck on negotiating price.

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Your clients like to believe they have power over the price you charge them for training …

Scope not price

A training company I worked with had a fantastic infographic which they dropped into all their training proposals. 

Thanks to this infographic, the decision-maker could ‘see’ the journey they would be on, what they were going to achieve on this ‘journey’ and where they would end up. 

The customer understood that the training company was not going to come in, deliver face-to-face training (price conversation) then run out the door. 

Instead, the training company was going to ‘hold the clients’ hands’ and guide them safely on a capability journey from where they were to where they wanted to be (value-conversation).

Create packages

This is why the training proposal also contains a series of packages, each of which contains various options such as a competency-audits, 1-1 coaching, follow-up reports and daily videos embedding learning etc. 

(You might see this online when companies offer you ‘platinum’, ‘gold’ and ‘silver’ packages)

Each of these ‘packages’ communicates massive value and provides the buyer with choice. 

People like to believe they have choice AND control over that choice. 

Your negotiation now shifts from becoming a question of price and becomes more a value-conversation focused on scope

What can you do to create greater perceived value and move your buyer to discussing how to deliver that value?

Listen to the episode now


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Which are the areas where you can create impressions to elevate value
  • Why perceived value establishes price in the decision-makers mind
  • Why your customers like choice and how you can control that choice
  • Why mapping out a customer journey can help you sell more at a higher price
  • How you can change the conversation from price to scope

Some helpful resources for you

Bonjoro– Online platform to create and send personalized videos to customers
Client Portal– Add a customised client portal to your WordPress site
PiktoChart– Online software to create infographics and more
ZOPA– Explanation of the term ‘Zone of Possible Agreement’
Amy Cuddy– Ted Talk from Amy Cuddy, behavioural psychologist
The Negotiation Book – How to negotiate with strength [$affiliate link]

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