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Get more referrals

How do you generate leads for your facilitation business? Doe they come to you effortlessly or do you have to hustle for them?

Are you doing all the hard work and hustle of marketing yourself to prospective clients on your own or could your network help you?

Today’s guest Andy Lopata believe that a person’s network is the most overlooked asset they have. Listen in today as Andy tells you why he wrote a book about the power of business referrals.

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There’s a very lazy understanding or belief system that if I do a good job, people will refer me. 

Andy Lopata – Author of ‘Recommended’

Ask to be referred

Why do so many training business owners not ask to be recommended?

Why would so many of us rather spend time hunting for new customers rather than leverage the goodwill of our existing customers who are the very people who know us and can refer us?

‘Referred trust’ –  as Andy explains is the – single most powerful advantage you have to approach potential customers.

Listen to the episode now


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Why so many people (listen-up, trainers!) leave word-of-mouth recommendations to chance
  • Why referrals to you tend to have a high life-time sales value to your business
  • How fear can hold you back from asking to be referred and how to overcome that fear
  • What a ‘referral-mix’ strategy is and how it works
  • What a ‘referral book’ is and how you can use it to plan your referral approach
  • How membership of a professional speaker’s organization has helped Andy’s business
  • Why you should sell ‘through’ the room and not ‘to’ the room when networking
  • Why your networking results will fail if you focus solely on short-term results

Some resources for you

Andy Lopata
Recommended: How to Sell Through Networking and Referrals 
Professional Speakers Association
Learning Performance Institute
The Science of Persuasion – Dr. Robert Cialdini  
Rachel Enlaugh – BBC Dragon

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