How I built Impact Factory w/ Jo Ellen Grzyb

Jo Ellen Grzyb Impact Factory

Overcoming adversity

JoEllen Grzyb and Robin Chandler started Impact Factory in London back in 1991 and have kept the business alive through persistence and the willingness to adapt again and again

For the best part of 3 decades, Impact Factory has used this recipe to serve communication training to some of the biggest brands you have heard of including BP, Raytheon and Chanel.

Today, you’re going to listen to a founder story and learn how Jo Ellen has overcome adversity and repeated setbacks to create a training business that has thrived over three decades.

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Robin and I felt that we could do something with people; more than the normal kind of personal development training

Jo Ellen Grzyb, Co-Founder Impact Factory

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Do it differently

When Jo Ellen Grzyb and Robin were wondering how Impact Factory could be different, they put their different but complimentary skills together.

What prevents many training businesses from standing out in a customers mind?

It’s often the fact that they are providing the same training as everyone else and are providing it in the exact same manner.

Combine skills

“We combined the skills we have. I am a psychotherapist and want to understand what happens to people when they are under stress, when they are called on to do more…”

“Robin is a trained actor and actors are brilliant at behavioural change.”

“We felt that we could pull something from each of these disciplines and create something new.”

This combination of skills affords Impact Factory’s 27 trainers the ability to deliver the kind of results which keeps their client base coming back year after year.

So what could you do to really stand out from other training providers and ‘own’ your space?

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Why it takes 2 years to become a qualified trainer at Impact Factory
  • Why Jo Ellen has turned down training business opportunities in the past
  • How Robin and Jo dealt with a trainer who poached their clients
  • What Impact Factory does to generate business via Google ads
  • What it was like to pull the training business back from the brink of failure

Some helpful resources for you

Impact Factory – Homepage for Impact Factory in London
High Life – BA’s inflight magazine publisher information

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