How to get LinkedIn basics right w/ Petra Fisher

LinkedIn basics for facilitators
LinkedIn basics for facilitators – Photo by Petra Fisher

Your profile is key

LinkedIn has over 738 million business professionals on its platform.  That’s a lot of people with the power to listen to your message and hire you.

There are prospective clients if you know how to find them and engage them. And when you look them up on LinkedIn, they might just look you up too by visiting your profile.

Setting creating a good first impression on LinkedIn begins with setting your profile up correctly.
Today’s guest is LinkedIn expert Petra Fisher and she’s going to help you get the basics right.

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You can turn quickly improve your chances of selling your training or coaching just by getting the basics right….

Petra Fisher, LinkedIn Expert

Use all features

Think of LinkedIn like a giant search engine. It’s like Google. Whereas people use Google to search for things (books, holidays, hotels etc.), people use LinkedIn to find people and their services.

That sounds simple enough but there are a lot of settings you may not even know about.

For example, there are settings you can use to control what search engines see! You have the power to help Google index your profile.

linkedIn features training business

Your ‘skills’ section and ‘accomplishments’ section and all the other sections contain useful valuable keywords – all of which are indexed by the LinkedIn algorithm.

Many people overlook the fact that some of their details e.g. certifications, experience, headline are indexed by search engines as well.

Are you certain that your key data isn’t being hidden from people searching for you and your training business?

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What kinds of things training business owners usually get wrong on LinkedIn
  • How Petra created an expert consultancy which makes money
  • Which simple changes can make a BIG difference to your profile
  • How to establish yourself as a subject matter expert quickly
  • What a company page is versus a personal profile
  • What ‘Pulse’ is and how it helps your posts perform better
  • How you can share value in a way that gets you noticed
  • What Sales Navigator is and why you might want to use it
  • Why ‘saved searches’ can help you and how to use them

Some resources mentioned in this episode

  • Canva – Free, super-easy-to-use graphics editor to create your banner
  • Petra Fisher – Petra’s website with 1:1 consulting on making LinkedIn work for you
  • LinkedIn Learning – LinkedIn’s own course on covering the basics [paid]
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Premium tool aim for prospecting [paid]

Listen to the episode now


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