The Power of Improvisation in Professional Growth w/ Kiva Murphy

The Power of Improvisation in Professional Growth
The Power of Improvisation in Professional Growth

In past episodes, we’ve touched on the transformative impact of improvisation skills on personal and professional development. But why would someone in coaching, facilitation, or training need these skills?

Join me as I speak with Kiva Murphy, actress and founder of Barcelona Improv Group.

Kiva stumbled into the world of improv through unconventional paths. Her journey, from bringing humour to hospitals and circuses to founding Barcelona Improv Group, has been shaped by the idea of opening doors and letting light into unexpected places.

Now, Kiva not only delivers improv but teaches individuals and businesses the art of spontaneity.

Tune in and you’ll learn the following, plus much more:

  • How the essence of “Yes, And” can help you build on ideas
  • Ways improv can help you to handle unexpected situations
  • The power improv can have in boosting your confidence to navigate challenges

According to Kiva, improv is not just about entertainment; it offers crucial skills for the business world. It teaches individuals to embrace risks, fostering a culture of creativity and resilience. Whether it’s team building, presentation skills, or navigating unexpected situations, the applications of improv in the corporate landscape are vast.

Gain insights into how improv can transform not just your professional skills but also your approach to challenges.

Don’t miss out on the chance to explore the world of improv and unlock your untapped potential. Tune in now and discover the joy and empowerment that improv can bring to your personal and professional life.

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Improv teaches people to handle the unexpected and have the confidence to do so without showing internal struggle.

The Power of Improvisation in Professional Growth w/ Kiva Murphy
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The Power of Improvisation in Professional Growth copyright Kiva Murphy

Try saying ‘Yes, And’

Try accepting an idea graciously with a ‘Yes’ and then taking it a step further with ‘And.’

It’s not merely agreeing but actively contributing, building, and expanding on the initial spark.

It’s about being concise, clear, and direct in your contributions, trusting that your input is valued and can lead to something extraordinary.

‘Yes, And’ becomes a powerful tool not only for improv performers but for anyone navigating the realms of creation, innovation, and teamwork.

It’s a mindset shift that invites individuals to embrace the potential in every idea, propelling you into a world where collaboration reigns supreme.

Working collaboratively is the essence of improv, building on ideas, and creating something unique.

The Power of Improvisation in Professional Growth w/ Kiva Murphy
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The Power of Improvisation in Professional Growth – Copyright Kiva Murphy

Why Improvisation in Business?

When you are under pressure, worried, or nervous, something is more likely to go wrong, because you start to rush or don’t listen properly.

The more that you can practice in a safe setting, that is not onstage, and the more that you can practice making mistakes the better.

If you have a presentation coming up, you have to practice. But then when it comes to the moment, I would try to allow for error, allow the breathing time, the question time, the moment that the PowerPoint didn’t click onto the next slide, all these kinds of moments where things can go the way you’re not expecting.

So if you can be purely present in this improv and use improvisation skills to be actively in the moment and actively listening, then when something goes wrong, it’s not that big of a deal.

Take-aways you do not want to miss πŸ‘‡

  • Discover how positive thinking shapes your emotions and actions
  • Learn how to hone your active listening skills which are crucial in effective communication and collaboration
  • Develop the confidence to handle unexpected situations with grace and resilience
  • Learn how improv can help you to embrace failure as a stepping stone to growth and creativity
  • Cultivate your mindset to saying ‘Yes, And’ to ideas to foster innovation
  • Understand the essence of collaboration in improv and apply it to build stronger, more cohesive teams
  • Learn to tap into your creative side by trusting your instincts and building on ideas with improv
  • Discover how improvisation can have a positive impact on your personal development

Some resources for you

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