How I ran Facebook training world-wide w/ Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner Facebook Director Learning & Development
Facebook Director Learning & Development – Photo by Jeff Turner

International L&D Director

From a Harvard University Bedroom to a $511.44 Billion dollar business with 2.32 Billion monthly active users, Facebook has reached unprecedented heights in only 15 years.

Why is this relevant? Today’s guest is Jeff Turner, International L&D Director with responsibility for all learning & people development outside of North America at Facebook.

Jeff is going to tell us what it has been like to run Facebook training across the world and why he is now leaving to start his own corporate training business.

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Some pitch L&D decision-makers and miss, but some get the chance to impress and win the training business contract

Ask for referral

The perceived kudos of being a supplier to Mark Zuckerberg’s company means, that there is no shortage of vendors trying to get a foot in the door. 

What Jeff recommends (when seeking the attention of people like him) is to leverage the power of referral.

That means using your network strategically to get an introduction through a mutual contact.

LEARN MORElisten to Andy Lopata (Eps 3) explaining why referral is so powerful and why he wrote a best-selling book on the subject.

So, when seeking an opportunity to present your training business credentials to prospects, it sometimes makes sense to take the indirect path and let someone else point out why you are worth meeting.

Jeff’s launch won’t be a landing page or a video, it’s a real live event with real live people who can meet him, listen to him and get to know the person they’re buying before they ever buy his brand.

What’s your strategy to get on front of the person who has the power to say ‘yes’ to your training business proposal?

Listen to the episode now


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Jeff got from sales trainer to directing facebook L&D worldwide
  • What Jeff feels about leaving a salary to venture out on his own
  • Why Jeff feels that L&D deserves a place at the strategic level
  • How to get the attention of corporate L&D managers when selling your training
  • Why workshops alone are not the way to fix impactful leadership problems
  • How Jeff plans to market his business to his ideal customers

Some helpful resources for you

mytformation – Jeff’s new training business website [IRL]
eventbrite – Jeff’s launch event ‘Challenging Team Dynamics’ in Dublin [IRL]
linkedIn – Jeff’s professional profile on LinkedIn
newsroom – Facebook’s newsroom page with up-to-date business statistics

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