Why we built Just Work w/ Kim Scott & Trier-Lynn Bryant

Just Work Radical Candor
Just Work Radical Candor – Copyright Just Work Together LLC

Right now many organizations are or should be aware of the harm that can be done when they fall far short of acceptable standards in areas such as equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Today’s guests Trier-Lynn Bryant and Kim Scott of Just Work LLC have built a business around calling organzations out on this – or ‘calling them in‘, as Kim likes to say.

Kim wrote the book called Just Work: Get Sh*t done fast and fair. She then invited Trier to be the Co-Founder and CEO of this new company.

Just Work LLC helps clients to create and sustain equitable, fair and just workplaces. Kim and Trier give keynotes and run workshops on these themes.

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Feedback w/ Radical Candor

Kim and Trier are helping their client to brush away the cobwebs of exclusion and workplace inequality.

Kim says: ‘We haven’t found any organizations not in need of our help’

Trier says: ‘At the end of the day, we want our talent and employees to come to work and do their best work. But there are so many workplace injustices that get in the way. ‘

So the question is how do we do that?

Which frameworks, tools and training solutions can you bring to your organization to help leaders to ensure we respect individuality and just work.

Before I wrote Just Work, I wrote Radical Candor that book is about helping you to give feedback at work. …Feedback is very valuable.

One time, I was running a Radical Candor workshop at a tech company in San Francisco and the CEO, a colleague of mine told me ‘It’s going to help me build the kind of company culture I want.... ‘

…but it’s going to be harder coming from me that it will be from you ..and when she said that I realized that I had failed to be what a friend and we call in our work an ‘Upstander’

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Which experiences inspired Kim to write the book
  • How Just Work got their message out into the marketplace
  • Which kinds of organizations need help with bias 
  • How the Just Work framework was developed
  • Which challenges Trier and Kim address and solve

Some links for you

Just Work – Trier and Kim’s Just Work LLC home page
Radical Candor – Giving workplace feedback
The Books – get the books on Barnes & Noble


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