7 key things for lead generation in your business

Lead generation
Lead generation

Lead generation is vitally important to ensure that you have a consistent stream of high-paying clients who like what you do and are willing to pay you to help them!

This week we’re going to give you seven key things to generate leads for your business.

Maybe you know these things or are already doing these things.

Here they are:

  • Specialize in a specific niche
  • Develop a strong online presence
  • Offer free workshops or webinars
  • Network at industry events and conferences
  • Leverage existing client relationships for referrals
  • Collaborate with other professionals or companies in related fields
  • Create and share valuable content, such as articles, books, case studies, or blog posts

The good news is that we have podcast guests talking about all of these topics in previous episodes of the show.

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You can generate really fast leads when you have people in a room that you are speaking to.

Mark Garrett Hayes – 7 key things for lead generation in your business

Does online presence really help with lead generation? πŸ€”

Online presence does not mean having an amazing website, there are many people who would say you can have a website, but no one knows it’s there.

So you have to think about the way that people find you, which could be through webinars, using LinkedIn posts or articles, guest posting on other people’s websites.

You’re looking for a website with a high domain ranking and there’s a way to do that by using tools like UberSuggest.

You want to find blogs that welcome posts from people like you, think of a regular cadence to post content online.

You want to be known through formal channels, and have people use that as a leverage point to find you elsewhere.

Your own website might be one channel, but the way that people find you could be through other people’s channels, blogs, or platforms.

Image by muneebfarman on pixabay
Image by muneebfarman on pixabay

It’s easier to convince people to hire you when they think you are the expert on one thing.

Mark Garrett Hayes – 7 key things for lead generation in your business

How far do you need to niche?

You’ve got to find that right balance between not too specific, but specific enough, but also not too generalist.

Otherwise, people aren’t really clear about what you do and for whom you do it.

If you listen to a recent episode from Jessica Chen, she talks about why she specializes in the area that she does which is presentation skills.

It’s a specialist area that’s been done by many people, but Jessica believes she’s got one unique approach.

The people that I’ve had on the show typically lead with one key product or service. That is their signature offering.

When you do that it’s easier to differentiate yourself from other people.” ⬅️

whiteboard 4876666 1280
Image by Adrian on Pixabay

Take-aways you do not want to miss πŸ‘‡

  • The key thing that makes a provider an expert
  • How to specialize in a specific niche
  • Why you need to develop an online presence
  • The right places you need to network
  • How to develop a strong online presence
  • Tools you can use for lead generation
  • How to get your brand out there
  • The difference between referrals you get and recommendations
  • What you can do to stand out
  • Lead generating ideas that work

Some resources for you

My LinkedIn: Connect with me

Jessica Chen’s full episode: How I communicate effectively through my marketing.

Diana YK Chan’s full episode: How keynote speakers can generate more leads.

Lorraine K Lee’s full episode: How I create presentation skills training

Dave Crenshaw’s full episode: Simple time management tools to boost your productivity

Grant Baldwin’s full episode: What keynote speaking opportunities are out there

Christopher Littlefield’s full episode: Why it’s important to show your appreciation of employees

Olivia Schofield’s full episode: How we started ‘Spectacular Speaking’

Melody Wilding’s full episode: How I use HARO to grow awareness of brand

Lead generation tool: UberSuggest

Check out the episode today!


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