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Proving learning works

In this week’s episode, we’re talking to Kevin M Yates, a learning and development ‘detective’

Kevin prides himself on his renowned and consistent ability to prove whether training interventions have had a measurably positive effect on an organization’s performance.

Can you do the same for your clients? Kevin is going to tell you how!

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Find one thing that shows the extent to which training has changed behaviour and performance. Let that be your first success story….

Kevin M Yates – Learning Analytics Program Manager Facebook

So few trainers can satisfactorily prove that the programmes which they design, develop and deliver actually make a difference to learning. But yet that is exactly what we as trainers need to do more of. 

It is incredibly important to get learning needs analysis right at the very outset of your training career. 

Kevin has extensive learning and development experience which has taught him how to use measurement, data and analytics to answer the question, “Did training work?”. 

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Kevin’s L&D career started in a Chicago public school teaching kids
  • What was the single biggest highlight in Kevin’s career and why
  • Which are the right kinds of data to collect when determining training effectiveness
  • The top three reasons why trainers don’t (or won’t) measure the impact of training
  • Why you as a trainer need to craft a ‘story’ to show that your training produces results
  • How simple training surveys can produce actionable data for your training business
  • Why trainers will benefit from reading Kevin’s guide to predicting training impact
  • Why we as training professionals should be excited about ‘learning ecosystems’

Some resources for you

The Kirkpatrick Model– Internationally-recognized model for learning-evaluation
Phillips RoI Model– Jack Phillips explaining the measurement of training RoI [YouTube]
Center for Talent Reporting– Body promoting adoption of reporting standards for human capital
XAPI– Technology to enable collection of user-learning experiences online
Survey Monkey– Provider of online survey software and survey-hosting
Association for Talent Development– International professional body for training professionals (USA)
Learning & Performance Institute– Professional body for learning & performance (UK)
Kevin M Yates – on Twitter
Kevin M Yates – on Facebook
Kevin M Yates – Homepage

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