Learning Preferences and 4 Pillars of ILD w/ Samantha Calamari

Learning preferences
Learning preferences and the 4 pillars of ILD

Ever wondered how to make sure you’re catering for all learning preferences so ALL attendees get the best out of your training courses?

My guest this week is Samantha Calamari, Senior Learning Experience Designer, Inclusion at Microsoft.

In this episode Samantha shares her experience in and thoughts on the benefits of inclusive learning design.

Tune in and you’ll learn the following, plus much more:

  • Why you need to include your learners at the beginning of the design process
  • The reason you need to know all your learners layers
  • What you can achieve by applying the 4 Pillars of ILD

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Create a space for those different ways of learning to be honored and promoted and fostered in a learning space.

Samantha Calamari – Learning Preferences and 4 Pillars of ILD

How to gain insight into Learning Preferences.

You need to know your learners, what their needs are, what their identities are and how that impacts your learning.

But what I recommend is that you also need to do this.

In the design process, at the very beginning, have a stakeholder group of your learners represented.

Have them review and be in the CO design space with you.

This is really when you want to have that those perspectives and that point of view of what those learners experiences are.

Then you can design your training to have the flexibility, personalisation, and responsiveness that is needed to make them more inclusive.

You then need to do something like an accessibility audit before you start running a program.

It’s important to not just think about them at the end of the program, but really throughout the whole design process

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Learning preferences and 4 Pillars of ILD – Copyright Samantha Calamari

The power of ILD lies in its four pillars – personalized, responsive, flexible, and communal.

Samantha Calamari – Learning Preferences and 4 Pillars of ILD

The Power of ILD.

ILD is the cornerstone of creating spaces for every learner. It’s about honoring their unique ways of learning and fostering an environment where everyone thrives.

These experiences foster a sense of belonging. Also, it ensures that each participant walks away with valuable knowledge and skills.

ILD is about celebrating individuality and weaving it into the very fabric of education.

Inclusive learning design can enrich educational experiences.

It also sets the stage for thriving businesses.

Learner-focused training programs resonate deeply with customers, cultivating lasting relationships and boosting brand credibility.” ⬅️

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Learning Preferences and 4 Pillars of ILD – copyright Samantha Calamari

Take-aways you do not want to miss πŸ‘‡

  • The consequences of not including all learners
  • Creating your learning experience
  • What Learner life is like with Dyslexia
  • How to discover your learners’ layers
  • How to target a specific audience
  • Why you should start with a segment of your audience
  • The importance of getting feedback
  • Why you need to do accessibility audits
  • The 4 Pillars of ILD

Some resources for you

Samantha’s website: Inclusive Learning Consulting

Inclusive Learning Design: Samantha’s LinkedIn Learning Course

LinkedIn: Follow and connect with Samantha

My LinkedIn: Connect with me

My Book: Sales Coaching Essentials

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