How I left the corporate world to start my own training brand w/ Lisa Hughes

Leaving corporate world to become a trainer
Leaving corporate world to become a trainer – Photo copyright Lisa Hughes

From corporate to coach

Today’s guest is Lisa Hughes, a busy freelance trainer based in Dublin where she serves some of the giant American tech corporates that have made Ireland their EMEA headquarters.

Many of these corporate giants are seeing some of their key people leave in order to start their own consultancies in training and coaching. Lisa was no different.

Looking back now, Lisa has no regrets but she does have some advice for her younger self. She share some nuggets of wisdom for those of you thinking of starting your own business.

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Run a chemistry check

Lisa believes that the success of her corporate training programs comes from being really clear on the outcomes which she is promising her clients

She always runs a ‘Chemistry Check’ before she delivers any training, This means that she spends time not just with the people who buy the training and manage the teams who get the training.

Some people “Oh…apparently my manager says I need X training”. Lisa replies by saying: your Manager isn’t here. I can only work with people who are in the room. Do you want to be here?

Don’t coach ghosts. Work with people who want to be in the room with you…

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How you can reframe the way you introduce yourself to people
  • How lecturing at night and volunteering lead Lisa to training
  • How to offer a Chemistry Check so you work with the right person
  • Which corporate skills Lisa leveraged to start training others
  • Why Lisa qualified in MBSR and how it helps
  • How to get on corporate vendor panels to be selected
  • Which signs tell Lisa that a company is not a suitable client

Some resources for you

Arena – Lisa’s facilitation and coaching business
Podcast – Eps 10 – Making a living on the speaker circuit
PSG – Life coaching courses

Listen to the episode now


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