How I help facilitators with live streaming w/ Lottie Hern

Be a confident live streamer
Live Streaming Training Expert – Lottie Hearn

Go Live on Camera

Lottie Hern teaches women how to create and maximise their own brand using live video. Unfortunately, many facilitators avoid live streaming because there is no room for mistakes.

But that’s not really true is it? As a facilitator and trainer, you want your natural self-to shine through. And the most exciting place to be your authentic self is on camera helping others.

Live streaming is HUGE at the moment. With the help of experts like Lottie, you can learn to relax and to deliver great learning experiences with ease. So is it time for you to give this a go?

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Some of the best live-streaming I’ve seen is done by highly introverted lecturers, trainers and coaches who prefer working one to one…

Lottie Hearn – passionate live-streamer

Go live on Facebook

‘One of the first things you can do is to set yourself up a TV channel on Facebook to do your live streaming and then do what they call cross posting where you can post it across to a business page…”

According to Lottie, video is not just for live-stream presenting. You can use your videos to build up a portfolio of training content which you can use for marketing purposes.

People out there know that this is a live-stream from your office or your car or from wherever you are. You just have to give it a go and be prepared to ‘stuff-up’ as Lottie calls it.

You can make money and speak to thousands or millions of people around the world at the same time, rather than one person paying you for one hour of your time…

Lottie Hearn – Live Streaming Expert

Listen to the episode now


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What Lottie learned in media before transitioning to video training
  • Why it’s crucial to be clear about your niche and whom you serve
  • Why a good, confident speaking voice is essential for a trainer
  • How streaming can help you to build a portfolio of content to sell
  • Which kinds of equipment you need to start live streaming
  • Why even introverts can be helped to shine and succeed on camera
  • How to set up a TV channel on Facebook
  • Why you should never worry about the numbers of people watching you live

Some resources for you

PressPlayPresentations – Lottie’s video production service
ConfidenceOnCamera – Lottie’s presentations skills training and 1-1 coaching
James Wedmore – James Wedmore’s video training
PSA – Professional Speakers’ Association [UK]
NSA – National Speakers’ Association [USA]
GSF – Umbrella organization for speakers’ associations internationally
LadiesGoLive – Facebook community helping women to ‘go-live’ online
LadiesGoLive – LGL website
BeLive – Platform for creating your own livestream in Facebook
Periscope – Platform and directory for live streams around the world

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