How to make storytelling work in facilitation w/ Hadiyah Nuriddin

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The power of storytelling

As a facilitator or learning designer, your stories connect you and your subject to your audience. They are about you but not for you according to today’s guest, Hadiya Nuriddin.

Hadiya is a storytelling expert and speaks at national conferences on learning and development topics, specifically storytelling for facilitators and quality control & assurance for learning teams.

She is the author of StoryTraining: Selecting and Shaping Stories that Connect, published by ATD.

Hadiya has so much to share with you to help you use the power of storytelling in your next trainings.

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Meaning matters in storytelling

Hadiya says that ‘meaning matters’. The best story tellers are meaning-makers. She believes that if you’re not a reflective person as a facilitator, you are going to struggle as a storyteller.

You need to be able to reflect on the things that happen to you in your personal life and seek meaning in them.

You can then use these incidents to create human stories so people can relate to you in your training.

“In facilitation, your stories are *about* you but your stories are not *for* you.” – @HadiyaNuriddin

Hadiya believes that there is a price to pay by not telling personal stories and withholding yourself as a facilitator.

You need to help people involve themselves emotionally in the training experience guided by you. So you need to help people tell their own stories.

The more people are moved by you, the better the response your training will get.

When using storytelling in your facilitation, think headlights for them, not spotlights for you @HadiyaNureddin

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What a great facilitator story sounds like
  • How to build a story ‘spine’ that works
  • What to do so you create a storytelling environment  
  • Why ‘meaning’ really matters in storytelling
  • How to leverage ‘desired state’ and ‘current state’
  • How to help people tell their own stories in your training

Some resources for you

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Duets Learning – Hadiya Nuriddin’s website
LinkedIn – Hadiya’s professional profile on LinkedIn
StoryTraining – Selecting and shaping powerful facilitation stories


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