How do I make my workshops fun w/ Sandy Chernoff

sandy chernoff workshops
sandy chernoff workshops

Exceed client expectations

Sandy Chernoff has written more than one book and created multiple courses which her clients love. How does she know? They keep asking her back!

Having trained as a Dental Hygienist, Sandy Chernoff was approached by a women’s organization to enquire whether she wanted to qualify as a leadership trainer. She jumped at the chance.

Over the years, Sandy has learned to create learning content that exceeds her clients expectations and makes the whole learning experience memorable and fun. Tune in to find out how.

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I think you need to make your workshops fun if you’re going to be successful in the training business…

Sandy Chernoff, Communications Trainer, Canada

Make it fun

‘I’m always walking around and talking to people even while they’re doing doing exercises. My workshops are very interactive.I love figuring out ways to make them fun and enjoyable’.

“I usually start with either a question or a challenge or a game. That way I get them talking to each other and I always bring prizes when I do the games.

If you want to get close to your workshop delegates, just pretend that you’re talking to a group of your friends… 

Sandy Charnoff – Trainer and Facilitator

If you are yourself, and you’re comfortable with yourself, your audience will be comfortable with you…

“If you’re nervous and you’re uptight and you’re not sure what to do, you make your audience very uptight and very uncomfortable and that’s not going to be an easy audience to deal with..”

Sandy makes a great point. So how do your audience relate to you as a trainer?

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Sandy moved from being a Dental Hygienist to being a Leadership trainer
  • How she generates 80% to 90% of her business through her website
  • How blogging on other sites significantly helps Sandy’s traffic
  • Which questions Sandy asks prospects when cold-calling for business
  • How conferences and talks helped Sandy to get in front of the right people
  • How to design your slides so they keep people interested
  • How Sandy has been asked to help when other training companies have failed
  • Why Sandy believes that fun is conducive to an effective learning session
  • How trainers can deal with difficult questions and difficult situations
  • Why she brings prizes to her training sessions and how she uses them

Some helpful resources for you

BizCatalyst360 – Where Sandy blogs and contributes regularly
SoftSkillsforSuccess – Sandy’s training business based in Vancouver
PaladdinCoaching – Learning provider based in Georgia [USA]

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