How do I know if MBTI is right for me?

Should I invest in MBTI?
Should I invest in MBTI? – Photo by Mark Garrett Hayes

Do you need certification?

Many training business owners believe that they need qualification or accreditations. Some accreditations (e.g. TTT) prove that you have the skills of a training professional.

If you do decide to invest, how are you going to be sure that your new certification is going to pay for itself (cost) and generate a healthy return on investment (profit)?

Today is a live coaching call with a listener to the show. You get to listen in as I coach Mark and ask some helpful questions about investing in MBTI or not. Check it out now!

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Is there a business case for your investing several thousand dollars / pounds / euros in a certification like MBTI..?

Training Business


Analyse cost-benefit

Here’s a direct question: how many clients have indicated that they will (not ‘would’ or ‘might’) hire you to deliver the program once you have the piece of paper?

Remember that you have to set aside $3000 – $5000 dollars in some cases to pay for the accreditation program and exam as well as 3-5 days of your valuable business time.

That means lost training revenue and significant expenses for meals, flights, accommodation etc. The question is whether you can afford it. Can you?

Some certifications require you to update or ‘refresh’ your qualification every 2-3 years…

It can very, very expensive. And that’s before you have earned a single dollar!

You don’t want to invest in a depreciating liability. What you want, is to invest in an accreditation which generates money for your training business

Look before you leap. Calculate before you invest in MBTI or similar qualifications.

So, what’s the cost-benefit analysis and have you worked this out? Are there free tools you can use first?

Listen to the episode now


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How to evaluate whether there is a need to invest in certification
  • Which questions you should ask your clients and yourself before spending money
  • Which are the most well-known psychometric evaluation tools?
  • How to serve your clients by challenging their assumptions about tools
  • Which free resources can help you to run a personality-profile workshop

Resources mentioned in this episode

MBTI – Tool to measure 16 personality types and preferences
DiSC – Tool for personal assessment, productivity and teamwork
Insights Discovery – Tools to help you understand yourself and others
Hogan – Tools to facilitate high-performance at work
Belbin – Tools to enable teams to work cohesively
Kolbe – Tools to decipher individual and group behavior
16 Personalities – Free multi-lingual tool based on MBTI®
Typefinder – Free resources to run your own MBTI® style workshops
The Challenger Sale – Book proposing serving customers by challenging needs

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