Measuring return on training investment with Jack & Patti Phillips

Jack Patti Phillips RoI Institute
Jack and Patti Phillips RoI Institute

Does your training get results?

As training business owners, we need to be constantly conscious of client RoI. We need to have client Return on Investment at the forefront of our minds. 

Why? So that you can make a solid business case, that investing in your training gets real-world results.

Ask yourself: Does my training program, class, workshop, facilitation or coaching contribute to my customer’s stated business objectives?

How can I prove it? How can I measure results unequivocally? And how can I leverage these results to generate even more business for me? Great questions 😀

To help you figure this out, we have Jack and Patti Phillips, founders of the RoI Institute on the show to help you clarify how to get business-driven results that resonate with your client!

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If all you are using to measure the impact of your training is ‘happy-sheets’, you’re making it easy for people to find a reason to replace you as a trainer @ROI_Institute Tweet

What about business-centric evaluation

Classically, most training evaluation / learning evaluation is ‘user-centric’.

We ask in-the-moment questions such as: ‘Did you as a the learner enjoy this program? Did the program meet your expectations’ etc.’

But what about business-centric evaluation? It’s what some experts call Level 5 evaluation. This means asking business-specific questions.

For example: Did the business see a measurable change in behavior?

Has your client seen a measurable change in behavior and how can you prove it? @ROI_Institute Tweet

Going further still: Has the business seen that behavior result in greater profits or cost-savings (etc.) as a direct result of YOUR training / coaching / consulting intervention? 

LEARN MORE: Listen to Kevin M Yates ‘The Learning Detective’ help you learn to investigate and measure the impact of training and learning programs

Results should speak for themselves

These can be tough questions that many of us may not wish to ask if we don’t know where to begin or which information to gather and interpret

But when you can prove that your programs really do lead to the things that businesses want, your products will be far easier to sell, because the results will speak for themselves. 

Today’s guests, Jack and Patti Phillips started the RoI Institute in 1992 to help organizations evaluate the success of projects and programs.

Today, the institute operates in more than 70 countries together with a team of more than 100 consultants.  

Check out the episode now!

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What level 5 training evaluation means for you
  • Why L&D professionals avoid measurement conversations
  • Which kinds of learning metrics you need to understand
  • Why ‘impact’ or learning application matters to paying clients
  • How to decide what to measure so you can prove success
  • Why it’s so important to have business-centric conversations
  • How you can become ROI certified

Some resources for you

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