How I make a living on the speaker circuit w/ Michael Virardi

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Charge what you’re worth

Michael Virardi’s speaking business takes him from Cyprus to London, New York, Switzerland, Estonia and beyond. That’s thousands of air miles on the professional circuit annually.

With clients such as GSK, McDonalds , Microsoft and Ericsson, he gets himself on front of corporate audiences at every opportunity to train them with his workshops.

Michael traces it all back to the first time he saw legendary sales trainer Jeffrey Gitomer on stage. Over the years, he has learned the importance of charging what he’s worth. Can you say the same?

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If you set your prices low when you start your training business, your customers will never ever want to pay more even though you might be worth more….

Michael Virardi – International Speaker | Author

Raise your prices

Your training business can struggle to get off the ground if your prices are too high, particularly if you can’t convince your prospects why the price is justified.

It will also be an uphill struggle to increase your prices. Why should your prospect may more for the same thing?

They won’t. They will want something in exchange. More coaching, extra hours, online content etc.

Michael follows the advice of one of his heroes, Brian Tracy, who suggests that you should always charge what you are worth, then make damn sure you are worth it.

Michael is right. If your prices are (too) low starting off, prospects may undervalue your offering as a speaker or facilitator.

(p.s. Brian Tracy charges $15,000 – $20,000 per speaking-engagement) – Just saying

Charging less means more work for you with no profit for all the extra work you do as a professional facilitator….

Michael Virardi – International Speaker | Author

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Michael started in the family catering business and then became a trainer
  • How Jeffrey Gitomer influenced his career choice
  • How being a lecturer at the University of Lausanne has helped his profile
  • How Michael ensures that his training programs are effective
  • Why it’s important to set your prices high from the very beginning
  • What Michael is doing with live-streaming to grow his training business
  • Why he believes investment in his website has attracted top clients
  • Why Michael brings his videographer or photographer everywhere
  • How speaking at TedX and writing books has helped create the right impression

Some helpful resources for you

Michael Virardi – Michael’s personal brand website
Day in the Life – Michael’s cinematic promotion video on YouTube (Wow!)
Letmefilmyou – Website of Michael’s videographer Savvas Baltzis [GRE]
Malcolm Gladwell – Author of ‘Outliers: The Story of Success’
Brian Tracy – Brian Tracy’s booking page on
Jeffrey Gitomer – Author of the ‘Little Red Book of Selling’
University of Lausanne – Business School where Michael is a visiting lecturer [CH]
University of London – Business School where Michael is a visiting lecturer [UK]

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