How I made millions from my training company w/ Dale Beaumont

Making millions from training Dale Beaumont Business Blueprint
Making millions from training – Photo opyright Dale Beaumont

Scale your model

Dale Beaumont is one of Australia’s leading online business coaches and today Dale is going to tell you how he has grown his training business from scratch to 7-figures with mistakes and lessons along the way!

“One of the other things which I am starting to do now is to coach other coaches about how to do what I have done..which is how to create a scalable coaching model.

I was talking yesterday to a coach whom I am helping right now and he is ‘maxed-out’ now because the only way he can service clients is 1 to 1…. “

If I am going to invest an hour in training, I ask myself how I can help 10, 20 or 100 people in that same hour @Dale_Beaumont

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What Dale is really big on is training others to help themselves build streams of passive income through online coaching and online courses. He is the author of 19 guides for business owners.

“I am helping this coach move from 1 to 1, to group coaching so that he can (one day) have 1000’s of clients which he can work with at any one time.

“He can then smash that ceiling in terms of his income and earning potential, because most coaches stop at about 200K-300K…”

You should be able to go past the $1 million-mark and then to $5 M $10M once you get good at scaling @Dale_Beaumont


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Why this has been Dale’s most successful business year ever
  • How Dale built a multi-million dollar coaching business
  • Why you need to leverage and productize your training
  • How delivering training by mobile device is the future
  • Why building apps is 10 x times harder than you think
  • What Dale is launching next year and how it can help you
  • Where to begin with producing your own video library

Some resources for you

Dale Beaumont – Dale’s personal website with links and resources
Bizversity – Mobile business university with 2K+ videos
BusinessBluePrint – Coaching and community for business owners [AUS]
YouPreneur – Chris Ducker’s live event in London every year [UK]

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