How we started ‘Spectacular Speaking’ w/ Olivia Schofield

Olivia Schofield Spectacular Speaking
Olivia Schofield Spectacular Speaking

Olivia Schofield runs her own speaking skills business in Berlin from where she helps clients with presentation skills and professional communication coaching.

As a keynote speaker and communication consultant, Olivia works with corporate clients like Gore-Tex, Hoffman La Roche and American Express.

In 2011, Olivia got to the finals of the Toastmaster World Championship. She was the only women finalist that year and the first European speaker to ever reach the American finals.

Today, Olivia still works with training clients and she also runs an inspirational annual two-day speaking bootcamp called Spectacular Speaking!

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Spectacular Speaking in Berlin

Florian Mueck, Peter Zinn, John Zimmer and myself, Olivia Schofield run Spectacular Speaking every year in Berlin, my home town,

The funny thing is that all four of us are completely different trainers. and together we show clients that there is not one way to present, speak or deliver keynotes.

I come from a theatre background and have worked with the BBC so the other trainers have learned voice exercises from me.

John Zimmer has lots of improvation exercises and I have taken those from him.

We love to ’steal’ each other’s stuff. But what you can’t steal is how each trainer, speaker or presenter shows up and presents. 

We started Spectacular Speaking because we are passionate about helping others. 

So, we’re like a family and go out for dinner together. We share stories about training clients, pricing workshops etc.

There is just so much to learn from watching other training professionals in action.

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Olivia Schofields’s BBC background helps her coaching business
  • What Olivia did to become a Toastmasters World Finalist
  • Which kind of work she does for corporate training clients
  • How 4 trainers cooperate to share business leads and ideas
  • What participants learn at Spectacular Speaking

Some links for you

Spectacular Speaking – Annual public speaking training in Berlin
Olivia Schofield – Toastmasters World Championship Finalist
Florian Mueck – Rehetoric and Charisma speaker
Peter Zinn – Presentation skills and persuasion speaker
John Zimmer – Improvisation and debating trainer


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