Outsourcing his trainers w/ Ryan Varga Cape Town

training business cape town

Ryan recruits trainers across a range of business disciplines.

Each trainer is selected and interviewed personally by Ryan which allows him to stand over the finished product: a trainer whose motivation and experience is matched to and closely aligned with client needs.

Ryan Varga talks to us today about how he became involved in training and how he is building his own training business TFC, a training consultancy in Cape Town which outsources trainers to clients.

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I just fell in love with training. Now, sixteen years later, I have a training company of my very own..

Ryan Varga, Trainer and Owner of TFC

Personally select your trainers

Training companies such as Ryan’s are well-placed to capitalize on the growing trend for certified trainers who can achieve results quickly when embedded on site in client’s locations.

As a training business owner, some trainers might come to work for you with external accreditations such as TAP’s Certificate in Training & Development and the ATD’s Training Design and Delivery Certificate, which are both internationally-recognized standards in trainer competence.

However, Ryan believes in ensuring that his trainers follow his in-house system, which meets the exact requirements of his customer base. A clever move.

The secret of Ryan’s success in getting quality trainers to work for him lies in the fact that he is a damn nice guy…


Listen to the episode now


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Ryan came to the world of training
  • Why he has developed an in-house accreditation process for his trainers
  • How Ryan has shaped his business using the ‘UBER’ concept
  • Which qualities Ryan looks for when hiring trainers
  • Where should someone start from if they want to become a trainer
  • Why a TTT (Train the Trainer) is an invaluable place to start
  • Why South-African employers look for SAQA and ODETP when hiring trainers
  • How trainers can keep themselves up to date and in demand

Resources mentioned in this episode

SAQA – South African Qualifications Authority [ZA]
ODETP – Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices [ZA]
ATD – Association for Talent Development [USA]
TAP- The Training Foundation [UK]

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