How overcoming tragedy made me a facilitator w/ Andrew Tilling

Andrew Tilling The Hive
Andrew Tilling The Hive – Photo by Andrew Tilling

Understand the burden

Like many successful facilitators, Andrew Tilling is a trained actor who has used his skills to deliver great training experiences and facilitate personal transformative change.

Andrew’s remarkable ability to help people to achieve change is very much rooted in personal, tragic circumstances and the strength and healing required to come to terms with their aftermath.

This is a gutsy, no-holds barred interview with Andrew and we thank him sincerely for sharing his story about mental health and inner resilience. Check it out now.

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Several of the most extroverted trainers and coaches I know are carrying an invisible burden. You can’t see it, but it’s there….

Andrew Tilling – Change Facilitator

Heal thyself first

When you as a trainer can authentically empathise with your audience, this gives you the authority to address the most important matters.

When you have been where your clients are starting from, you have the credibility to accompany them on the path to transformative change.

Maybe you know what it feels like to lose a business or to have a marriage fail or what’s it’s like to be laid-off by an employer. This doesn’t denigrate you. It makes you more believable and valuable.

Do your clients believe you to be someone who has walked in their shoes and experienced their problems..?

Training Business

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Andrew started as an actor before becoming a trainer
  • Why raising money for charity is tradition in his family
  • What an ’empathy map’ is and how it can be used by a trainer
  • How he quickly overcame the fear of appearing on camera
  • Why it’s important to use acting skills but not to act
  • What Andrew means by his ‘pyjama rate’
  • Which kinds of equipment and skills Andrew uses to deliver remote training
  • How Andrew approaches pricing and referrals with clients
  • Why a ‘video every day’ helps him to generate new business

Some resources for you

The Fifth Discipline – Peter Senge’s book on the Art and Practice of the Learning Organization
Consult The Hive – Andrew’s business website

Listen to the episode now


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