How do I plan my business year w/ Annie Clarke

Annie Clarke Annie's Training Company

How do you plan your year ahead?

Today’s guest on the training business podcast is Annie Clarke, founder and principal of Annie’s training company in the UK.

Annie started on her own but now has the assistance of several VAs and a team of associate trainers who deliver her programs on her behalf.

Annie’s going to share her system for planning her business goals and personal goals with you. It’s definitely working for her as she manages to take every Friday off and still hit her targets!

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Every year, I carve out time to go through my strategic planning process for my business…

Annie Clarke – Annie’s Training Company

Back in episode 64, we shared some ideas to help you make the year ahead your best business year ever. Most of us take time out to plan the year ahead but not all of us do.

You need to carve time out, ideally at the end of the year to have what we call a ‘Retrospective’ to look back at what has worked well and which lessons you have learned

Planning Questions

What worked well? Win new clients? Expand your team? Which goals did you achieve ….those you planned to achieve this time last year?

Where did business come from this year? / Online sales/ Networking? / Referrals? Are these channels paying off? How do you know?

Which marketing activities generated the most leads? Online / Offline / adverts / conferences / referrals (which ones?)

Which clients gave you most business? Local / national / international / business from these clients increased or decreased YoY?

You then need to look at your goals for the year ahead and you can use any system you like as long as you take it seriously and have someone to keep you accountable.

Annie does and it’s working for her! So check out the episode now and subscribe to the show!

I use the ‘stop-start-continue model’ – which things do I want to stop doing, start doing and continue doing…

Annie Clarke – Annie’s Training Company


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • Which valuable lessons she learned in the first 6 years
  • Which method Annie uses to devise her goals
  • How Annie’s ‘WOOP’ and ‘POOP’ system helps :o)
  • Which things she wants to stop, start and continue doing
  • Which tasks she allocates to a VA to free her up
  • How Annie got into the training business
  • How Annie manages to take every Friday off!

Some resources for you

Annie’s Training Company – Annie Clarkes’s business website
PsychoCybernetics – Book by Maxwell Maltz on success mindset [$affiliate link]

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