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Latest Episodes

Success Through Strategic Diversification w/ Drew Boyd

Discover the power of strategic diversification with Drew Boyd, as we delve into his transformative journey from military service to academic brilliance. Find out more at trainingbusiness. com #CareerGrowth #LifeLessons #ProfessionalDevelopment #CareerTransformation

Consulting Firms: 10 Problems I See with Them

Explore the crucial challenges faced by consulting firms. Gain insights on them. Don’t miss this episode’s valuable lessons for consultants striving to thrive in a competitive market. Find out more at trainingbusiness. com #consultingbusiness #consulting #businesstouchness #businesschallenges

How I Succeeded in the Face of Failure w/ Paul McGee

Learn how to overcome setbacks to redefining success with my guset, Paul McGee. Learn about his transformative approach which explores the power of smart persistence and the importance of managing one’s mental diet. Find out more at trainingbusiness. com #resillience #success #adversity #mentaltoughness

The Power of Improvisation in Professional Growth w/ Kiva Murphy

Improv isn’t just entertainment; it’s a key to embracing risks, fostering creativity, and building resilience in the business world. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore this world of possibilities. Tune in now and embark on a journey to unleash joy and empowerment in your life. #ImprovSkills #CreativityInBusiness #UnlockPotential #YesAndMindset #SpontaneityMatters

Goal-Mapping: The Essential 7-step Guide w/ Brian Mayne

Turn your dreams into reality through the techique of goal-mapping, and find out how to create an effective one to help you achieve your goals. My guest this week is Brian Mayne, a man of remarkable resilience and innovation who helps businesses and individuals through his 7-Step Goal-mapping plan. Find out more at trainingbusiness.com #goalmapping #businessgoals #goalmap #strategiesforsuccess #businesspodcast

Exploring True Resilient Meaning w/ Sarah Furness

Mindfulness teaches us to remain composed and focused, turning stressful situations into opportunities. My guest this week is Sarah Furness, a former Royal Air Force officer turned mindfulness coach Find out more at trainingbusiness.com #resilient #resilience #mindfulness #selfdiscovery #storytelling #speaking #professionalspeaking #businesspodcast