Proving training needs analysis w/ Katy Caselli

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Training needs analysis

Katy Caselli works as an industrial / organizational psychologist in North Carolina and is focused on delivering training based on careful analysis of her clients training needs.

Training needs analysis literally focuses stakeholders minds on what is actually needed from your training program or workshop. Nothing less, nothing more.

It’s tempting to skip over this part. It sounds complex and asking too many questions might reveal some uncomfortable truths. Listen to Katy show you how to get it right,

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Being able to prove your that your training actually works is a big part of being a training business owner…

Katy Caselli – Industrial / organizational psychologist

Focus on Needs

Maybe training is not the appropriate intervention. Maybe your client needs to work with you to uncover what is actually ‘wrong’ before trying to fix it with costly training programs.

Approach things this way and you will be seen as a trusted advisor; someone who wants to understand your clients’ business and has their longterm interests at heart (not just your sales target)

But the pay-off from investing in your training programs is to effect this behavioural change in their people. So focus on achieving the behavioural change your clients want.

A genuine curiosity in your client’s business is fundamental to your ability to effect change worth paying for…


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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • The 5 questions to ask to in order to conduct a simple training-needs analysis
  • Why organizations need the help of an Industrial Psychologist
  • Why I-O Psychology is in demand by HR in industry
  • How an understanding of psychology is conducive to your training success
  • Why proving the effectiveness of your training can help you stand out
  • Why behavioural-change is the most important outcome of a training programme
  • What inspired Katy to write her book ‘Building Giants’
  • What motivated Katy to overcome her fear and start her own training business
  • How Katy kept going when other trainers failed on their own
  • How to use networking events to attract training clients

Some resources for you

Katy’s book on Amazon – Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce
Katy’s course on Udemy – How to Show a Return on Training Investment
Jack J Phillip’s Book – RoI in Training and Performance Improvement Programs
Society for Human Resource Management – World’s largest HR society (USA)
Association for Talent Development – International L&D body  (USA)
Toastmasters –  Organization devoted to helping people master public-speaking
The Forgetting Curve – How Herman Ebbinghaus’s model relates to training retention

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