How I’m helping learning startups w/ Rob Lauber

Rob Lauber XLO Global
Rob Lauber XLO Global

This week’s guest is McDonalds former Chief Learning Officer Rob Lauber.

Over the years, Rob worked his up the corporate ladder from L&D Manager and Director of Learning Services to CLO of one of the world’s most iconic brands.

These days, Rob now runs XLO Global, an advisory service which helps startups position their offer to decision-makers in the coropoate L&D Space.

In fact, Rob is an advisor to no less than 5 talent-development / learning & development startups right now.

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From CLO to Consultant

I have been focused on how L&D suppliers can work more effectively with Chief Learning Officers like me and my colleagues around the world...”

“And I’m fortunate to have about 30 years of great learning experience in terms of leading pivots, transformations and changes...”

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For example, I’ve been working with Guild Education which has been working on helping employers get their employees into higher levels of educational attainment…”

It’s got a $4 Billion dollar evaluation right now..”

I’m also advising Arist who provide a text-based messagings learning platform. And that’s something that the learning community is finding traction with right now...”

Rob Lauber is connected into some of the most exciting training solutions providers out there.

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Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What was Rob’s journey to CLO of McDonalds
  • What were some of the challenges he faced
  • Why has he now become a L&D Consultant
  • How you can get in front of L&D decision-makers
  • What the future holds for training providers
  • Which opportunities Rob sees for suppliers like you

Some links for you

XLO Global – Rob Lauber’s Strategic Consultancy
LinkedIn – Rob’s profile on LinkedIn
Arist – Text-based messaging learning platform
Guild Education – Education & Upskilling platform
Hitch Works – SaaS-based InternalTalent Mobility Platform 


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