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The world of delivering consultancy or training or facilitation has changed, right?

The circumstances and conditions under which you do work for your clients has changed post-COVID.

Suddenly, there is a lot to negotiate. Maybe your client wants you to reduce your fee for training design.

Maybe they want to change the scope of your contract or get you to work more for less.

What do you do when you feel that you need to have tough conversations with people at work?

How do you stand your ground whilst being flexible so you maintain your dignity and keep the client relationship? 

Today’s guest Selena Rezvani is an expert in self-advocacy and the creator of the best-selling course LinkedIn course on Executive Presence.

Selena is also the author of ‘Push Back – How Smart Women ask and Stand Up for What they want. Check it out now!

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Stand up for yourself

Selena Rezvani describes herself as a recovering people pleaser.

That personality trait made it hard to push back when clients demanded changes to the scope or delivery of work.

So how did she learn to cope with people who ‘ask for the world’, way beyond what was originally agreed?

If I am working with a client on a project and they start to ask for significant changes, I simply reply

Ok…’Why don’t we call that Phase 2′…. “

Or …. ‘Hey, that sounds great! Let me write up an invoice for that so we can get that started too!‘…”

“The beauty of learning to push back is that you don’t need to become a different person in order to become assertive...”

These are tiny behavioral changes that you can make when dealing with people…”

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • What got Selena into consulting in the first place
  • How her power levellers can help you be assertive
  • What she has learned from teaching Executive Presence
  • How Selena was accepted as a LinkedIn course Instructor
  • How writing a book has blown-up her business
  • What Selena did to grow her followers from 8k to 18K

Some resources for you

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Selena Rezvani – Selena’s website and blog
Push Back – Selena’s book on how to stand up for yourself
LinkedIn Learning – Selena’s courses on LinkedIn


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