How I sell my first sales course online w/ Gilly Thompson

Gilly Thompson Sales Trainer
Sales Trainer – Photo by Gilly Thompson

New online course

In this week’s episode, we’re talking to Gilly Thompson, owner of Thompson Training Ltd. and (great name by the way)!

Gilly’s goal now is to create an online site to sell her courses online. It will take time, but the signs are that her customers like what she has done.

She is determined to build an online brand so she can reach more customers than ever before and unlock new revenue streams. She tells you why now is the time to start.

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I need to sell my courses online to create a ‘legacy’ and generate a stream of passive income. That’s the goal …

Gilly Thompson – Sales Training Business Owner

Start small today

Starting out in corporate communications, Gilly progressed to sales before moving to work as an associate trainer with a national sales training provider in the UK.

She tells us that this time allowed her to acquire the kind of exposure to the intricacies of running a training business.

Her training business operation is small compared with much of her competition, but she does not let this stop her approaching large clients, both nationally and overseas.

So what are your plans to get your training material into the hands of customers online?

Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How Gilly came to training from a communication and sales background
  • Why working as an associate trainer helped her to ‘learn the ropes’
  • What are the most effective methods to market her training business
  • How Gilly developed her own digital training products to give her passive income
  • What Gilly has in mind for the next few years for her training business’

Some resources for you

ThompsonTraining– Gilly’s main training business website
TheSalesTrainingAcademy– Gilly’s new online digital sales academy
Teachable– Platform for developing and selling your own digital training product
Kajabi – All-in-one-platform to develop and sell your online courses

Listen to the episode now


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