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Cross culture training TMA World
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Spotting an opportunity

Today’s training business podcast guest is Chris Crosby, CEO and Co-Founder of TMA World, a training business working with clients such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank and IBM.

TMA World works with these blue-chip organizations, helping them to navigate cultural differences so they can succeed in the the global market place.

How did Chris and his co-founder see the opportunity to help global brands expand into new markets and how did he build his training business from scratch? Check out the interview now!

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Trainers and facilitators have to be adept at working in a globalised marketplace @tmaworld

Supporting business skills

Chris believes that the workplace today is very much driven by digital technologies and globalization and that combination is creating a complex, inter-cultural environment.

So, where ‘globalization’ has been a major influence within organizations, digital technology has started to play a major role.

We were curious about how international teams could work effectively together and felt that cultural-training was an opportunity in the corporate marketplace…

Chris Crosby CEO TMA World

The idea of the borderless workplace is where people who are working in teams across different geographies and timezones need the kinds of skills and support for those environments…..”

As the world changes post COVID-19, your facilitation and coaching business will need to be equally adept at serving clients in Singapore as it is in working with those in Scotland.

Therefore trainers and consultants need to be cross-cultural in their workshop design and learning program implementation. We now serve the world.


Take-aways you don’t want to miss

  • How your training can better serve international clients
  • What brought Chris to the training business world
  • How Chris has structured the TMA World operation
  • Why clients need cross-cultural collaboration training
  • How your training can better serve international clients
  • How TMA World’s attracts the right associates for the brand
  • Which business challenges require TMA World’s unique help
  • What unfair advantage TMA World has over competitors
  • Which marketing channel has been most rewarding.

Some resources for you

TMA World – Corporate training website for TMA World
Country Navigator – Online cross-cultural training tool
LinkedIn – Chris Crosby’s profile on LinkedIN
HBR Review – Article explaining Cultural Intelligence [2004]
Forbes – Why Cultural Intelligence Matters [2019]

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